23 July 2012


Ok.....so I LOVE cherries. I have them sitting on the kitchen table and grab one every time I walk by. So, I thought a little photo expression was due to illustrate my love of the cherry.

20 July 2012

Michigan Baby Blanket

Ok.....just finished this for a friend.  It turned out ok, not 100% happy, but not completely horrified as I thought I would be.  It's 33" x 35", a pretty good size and the little bear is a Berroco pattern that I love.  You can get the pattern and chart for there Michigan M here.

18 July 2012


OK...so just a couple of shots of the gorgeous roses I saw Sunday in MI....that's what I call art!

15 July 2012

Everything in Bloom

Ok...so my obsession with taking floral pics was indulged.....beautiful gardens everywhere in Colborne, lilies galore...not all dried up like Nashville.  I returned to Nashville to many pots full of dead plants, however, not as bad as expected. 

13 July 2012

The Chip Truck

Ok....so if you're Canadian, or a frequent traveller to Canada or maybe just someone I've talked with, you will know the phenomenon known as 'The Chip Truck'.  These trucks, VW buses, trailers...wonders of the Canadian road....offer chips (fries), burgers, dogs, pea meal sandwiches and poutine...all with gravy or vinegar...all about Canada.  Coming upon a chip truck or intentionally returning to a favorite corner is something I look forward to each time I cross our northern border. 
Fairly close to the family is just such a truck, which provided me with the pea meal (real Canadian bacon) and poutine to satisfy my craving.....all thanks to Larry.  It was Canada Day when I visited, so there were plenty of Canadian flags, US flags and the occasional French flag...I was in Ontario after all. 

If you ever get up into Canada, look for the signs, ask around....the chip truck is the taco stand of the north.  Great flavors, great people and a fun treat for this northern girl gone south.

11 July 2012

Wicklow Way Farm

Ok...so imagine my delight (once again) as Uncle Nick and I are out on a lake drive and we encounter this groovy farm stand (near the road of attached groovy farm) where there are all kinds of wonderful treats and cool people.....welcome to Wicklow Way Farm. 

I couldn't help but get a few shots of this place that made me so happy.  The fresh bread looked amazing and yes, I bought garlic scapes....lots of garlic scapes.  Happy moment in a day of happy moments...

06 July 2012

My Little Man

Ok....so I had several wonderful days with my family and a little piece of that was my little man, Mitchell, who is talking up a storm and made this Chicky smile every moment.  Here are just a few of the Mitchell faces and of course, a couple of lake shots.  I wish I'd have gotten the first thing in the morning face...the sweet, still sleepy face....but I was too busy squishing him to remember I own a camera.

A Canadian Yarn Bombing

Ok....so it's been a while since I've written, which is unusual, but here goes.  I was in Canada....I know...shocker...but over the Canada Day holiday I was visiting my family in the northern regions.  It was a wonderful visit! 
On the 30th of June, Uncle Nick and I got out for a little visit into town, which resulted in the material for this post.  Imagine my delight to get into Colborne and see that it had been bombed, yarn bombed that is. 
Each tree lining the downtown street, bombed.  Each tree in Victoria Station park, bombed.  It was amazing.  And the townies were so proud.  It was frightening to Kathy...not sure why, but creepy to here none-the-less.