05 April 2021

A Little Northeasterly

Ok...love this, love using all the Raggi I had.   

17 March 2021

A Small Break


Ok...change of scenery.

18 February 2021

03 February 2021

A Twist on the Nightshift


Ok....so I fell for the Nightshift shawl just like everyone else, however, I don't wear shawls, so a wrap was born from the pattern.  Love it.  And love the Noro Ito.

25 November 2020

Baby Pink

 Ok....just like it says

04 November 2020



Ok...too quiet.  

23 October 2020

Lace Knitting - Katia

 Ok...so been working on the Lux Poncho a long time, but finally finished and happy with the result.  Will get a lot of wear.  Knit as a stole rather than a poncho.  Little bit of pattern conversion.

13 October 2020

Sunny day

 Ok...just another lovely day.

30 September 2020

Handspun Grapevine


Ok....knitting the Taina pattern again with some of Gale's Art Handspun in Grapevine.  Great social knitting...

22 September 2020

Mist on the Lake

 Ok..just this....

12 September 2020

Knitting Blue


Ok....just re-purposing this lovely baby alpaca with a reversible stitch.

17 August 2020

Virus Knit

Ok....so MKAL from Susan Pandorf...fun knit.