30 October 2015

The Food

Ok....you knew it was coming....yum.  From amazing crepes at That French Place in Charlevoix, to Mussels at Cafe Sante in Boyne City, to farm to table at Twisted Olive in Petoskey and Northern Table in Boyne City......it was sometimes about the food.

27 October 2015

The Land

Ok....just enjoying the beautiful land around the lakes.

23 October 2015

The Lake

Ok.....so Michigan is beautiful...really...it is.  It's hills and forests....and it's water.  Seeing it this time of year is a treat....enjoying the low, intense sunsets over Lake Michigan or Lake Charlevoix is bliss.

21 October 2015


Ok....to add to my favorite time of year....the harvest is amazing to just ogle let alone eat.  I snapped everything from the farmer's markets in northern Michigan to fields and friends.

17 October 2015

Tunnel of Trees or M119

Ok...so there is a lovely stretch of road between Harbor Springs and Good Hart...along M-119 called the tunnel of trees.  It takes you meandering along the lake through the woods....  Each turn was better than the last....and I have a ton of pictures of trees that look similar, but it couldn't be helped.  So beautiful and a do over.

15 October 2015

A Wrap of Royal Blue

Ok....alpaca, soft, lace...enough said.

05 October 2015


Ok....finally relaxing on the lake.