27 February 2012

Random Thoughts

Ok....seriously, just random.....

1.  I wonder how many books the library could buy if everyone actually paid their fees?  What if people were not allowed to check out books if they had fees do?  Every time I go to the library....which is often....there are at least one or two people at the counter being informed of outstanding fees....pay your fees people.

2.  Do you really think that if your car is covered with snow, clearing a circle in front of your face will be the best for driving?

3.  If you're getting a manicure, is it essential to try to text?  Perhaps it's about accomplishing something that seems impossible with just polished nails.  Perhaps some cannot just enjoy that moment of peace.

4.  Why is it when you plan a beach trip it rains?  I have to sneak up on the beach next time.

5.  Is it necessary to bring your lawn chair to the post office to lounge while you wait?

23 February 2012

The Magic of Monkeys

Ok.....so today I would like to share a little magic from my Tuesday.  I received a birthday card from my little man and....yes....he drew my picture.  I understand from Kathy (the little monkey's mother) that this is his first picture of a person.  Now before we go any further, let's be clear...I do not have 100 eyes (a la spider head), but perhaps this is what he sees when he looks at me...perhaps I am more watchful than he would like....or perhaps it was just fun to make that many dots.  Also, my hair is not very geometrical, although he seems to have captured the volume.  I love this picture as I love my little monkey.  PS....if your legs come out of your smile, the result is no fat...perfect.

Magic is a sudden opening of the mind to the wonder of existence.  It is a sense that there is much more to life than we usually recognize; that we do not have to be confined by the limited views that our family, our society, or our own habitual thoughts impose on us; that life contains many dimensions, depths, textures, and meanings extending far beyond our familiar beliefs and concepts.  - John Welwood Ordianary Magic

20 February 2012


Ok....om age to one of my favorite pastimes...

In real life I have qualms, a moral code, a sense of duty.  I live with confines.  In books, I am free to soar and to explore.  There are no limits to my being.  Books, with their secret knowledge, free me from myself.  I'm never alone.  The greatest minds in history wait by my bed, sit patiently in bookcases, respond to my touch.  I reach out and they are there, waiting to transport me to another realm.  -Linda Weltner

15 February 2012

Project Update

Ok....just a few things I've been working on.  As usual, more projects on the needles, wheel and loom than completed.  The hanks of yarn were started at the spin-in and completed at home.  The wrap is a larger size...much larger....of the one I did for Mum this fall. 

#1 - Daily Fibers Krispy Kale....yum.  Seriously, none of the pictures here do any of these justice.
This is a BFL/Tussah Silk blend.

#2 - Gale's Art Scarab.  Ok....I've been eyeballing this for a bit and finally just went for it.  The camera seems to favor the mustard color, but it's more balanced than it appears. 

#3  - River's Edge Cochise.  Again, pictures = nice, but not rich enough.  The entire time I was spinning this it looked as if I were being fed different colors of chocolate. 
It's so rich and beautiful  It is plied with a shimmery rayon thread...much yardage here and fine.
#4 - This beautiful grey merino/tussah silk blend is called silver dollar.  It's so soft and has a bit of shimmer.  I have been thinking that I like it spun as singles better than I do plied, however, it was pointed out to me that I might like it better knitted...could be true. 
#5 - Runaway by Erudite Fibers - picked this up at SAFF and finally started spinning it last month.  It is so soft and gorgeous.  I love the many colors and think this will stripe nicely as spun. 
I plied it with a complimentary rayon that will give it great drape.....and because I went crazy thin, there is a ton of yardage....which I love.
Finally, a large, soft and luscious wrap in mohair merino boucle. 

11 February 2012

Farewell - Oysters and Sunsets and Beer, oh my...

Ok...seriously....I think the title says it all.  Following our afternoon spin we would head back to The Back Porch for happy hour.  Happy hour on the beach = oysters on the half, a pitcher of beer and lots of slurping.....yum!  The fact that we were once again at a restaurant on the beach, with the sound of the surf, soft sunshine and breeze of salt air made for the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Cheers to a great bunch of gals and wonderful weekend!!!

More shots here.

10 February 2012

Lunch Break

Ok....seriously, this is what I've always dreamed of for a lunch break.  Each day we would take off to get a bite and take a walk on the beach.  Lunch at The Back Porch was fantastic.  I did not have the gumbo myself....but from all my fellow lunch-goers there was a consensus... the gumbo rocked. 

I might add that the restaurant is right on the beach....shutters up...listening to the surf and feeling the breeze while we ate....ahhhhh.......

And who can resist a lovely walk on the beach to work off the oyster po'boy and stretch after a morning of spinning.  Note:  When you're the only one with shorts on, you are automatically elected to check out the nearest sandbar.

More shots here.

08 February 2012

January Spin-In

Ok....so finally down to the reason for the trip....the January Spin-In.  A bunch of spinners getting together to look at, touch, buy fibre and spin, spin, spin. 
There was a hokey-pokey, flamingo dance, chicken dance....show and tell, new gadgets.....beautiful wheels, spindles, projects and yarn....door prizes, songs and king cake.  It was a wonderful weekend.  The pics are not great, but they give you an idea of the event.

I met so many groovy people and am glad to have laughed, learned and spun with these new friends.

More pics here.

06 February 2012

Perdido Key - Phase Two

Ok....so mid-week we had to check out of one hotel and into another....what a better way to spend the time between than a little excursion to Perdido Key for a great po' boy and more beach time.

I have very fond memories of visiting Perdido Key with Kathy so this was a little nostalgic.  Although much has changed since the hurricanes, so much is the same.  Because the Key is mostly state park, so much is natural and remains free of the apartment buildings that have flooded so much of the panhandle.  It's only a few hundred yards wide at most places and 16 miles long.  It means "lost key".  It's beautiful. 

One of my favorite memories is taking a little drive to a road under the inter coastal bridge to a fish monger called Nix Brothers.  In the parking lot is a food truck with the best po' boys....yummmmmm.  Good to know some things haven't changed.  And....royal reds.....these are amazing, huge and sweet shrimp.  We wanted to pick up some to share with the gang back in Destin and we had coolers, but they were full of left-over shrimp fried rice from the evening before....well, it didn't take long for us to ditch that rice for the shrimp.  They were wonderful!

While on our beach walk, we came across some washed up squid.  Now, I contemplated....I could pick them up, take them back, clean them, soak them, cook them....then I took a few pictures and walked on. 

We also came across some fishermen who were surrounded by herons.  If you'd spent any time on the panhandle you know there are many herons and pelicans.  Perdido Key always has herons on the beach....they eat what you leave and they really don't seem to be that afraid of people...hey, if there's some fish in it.  These herons were so close to this man while he was preparing his bait.  A couple followed him right into the water.  One ate off his cooler when he turned his back.  I do think he threw them some scraps....was fun to watch.

More pics here.

02 February 2012

Destin - The Beginning

Ok.....so you have by now seen the intense fog shots....only that severe for one day.  Little by little the weather improved over the course of the week.  This did NOT stop me from going to the beach for a walk....what were you thinking.  We did have fairly cloudy days, but it was amazing how quickly the weather moved through.

This beginning period was spent exploring the Sandestin area and especially the 30-A scenic beach route.  Beautiful little towns and shops....groovy places to grab a bite, sand and....the sea.  We had lunch on a deck by the beach, found a groovy little bookshop, Sundog Books and....walked the beach. 
The little shopping area on the beach presented me with the mermaids I was seeking.

We also had lunch at a little place, Another Broken Egg, which I now know is all over and yummy.  Definitely a do-over.
We drove through Alys Beach, a new development with beautiful homes all like the estate homes in Bermuda...white and iron...stunning.

Our hotel was located by the bayou, so we also did a little inland exploring.  The area was wharfs and boats and....a scary little island......Jolee Island Nature Park.  Prior to crossing the bridge there is a sign for you to identify all the snakes in the area.....well, before even crossing, that sort of sealed the deal for me.  Also we were the only ones there.  Because we arrived near sunset, it was pretty crossing the bridge.....because we arrived near sunset it was creepy and I kept hearing the music from Deliverance in my head.  We didn't stay long, but the photo is great.

Also in the same area was a pier that was very long into the bayou and beautiful at that time of night.

I have posted additional photos and a small surf video here.