13 October 2013

Burgess Falls

Ok....so just letting you know now...lots of pictures coming.  I took so many and they turned out great so it was difficult to choose. 

This was an incredible experience for me.  I have wanted to visit these falls for a bit and it was so worth every step.  We had a beautiful day, the trail was peaceful and getting down to the river on a hot day was wonderful.  However, when the sign for the trail down to the bottom of the large falls (260') said "very strenuous", Jan...wise woman that she is said she was going to stop there...I decided to see just what they meant by strenuous...so off I went.  Half way down was no problem....as a matter of fact all the way down wasn't too bad.  Not really any foot holds, but I could sit on the giant rocks and just pull my legs out to get down. 

It was gorgeous...felt amazing....the spray from the water, the wind from the speed it was moving, the sound....just amazing.  I took pictures, I lingered feeling the water droplets...so cool on a hot day, I walked along the river rocks downstream...just amazing.  I felt so small and so overwhelmed...

Then, I started back up.  Half of the climb was fine....then I came to the giant rocks.  Couldn't just sit down to go down....no footholds, no hand holds.  My heart raced and I couldn't breathe from the fear.  Looked around...thank goodness no one was watching....but slowly I thought, I calmed down...after all, I've been to college...I can figure this out, right?  And so I did, I got on my knees and climbed up that hill. 

Took me forever to catch my breath from the pounding and the fear...but I did it.  I'm so proud of myself for doing it and so fortunate to be a part of such a glorious place.

10 October 2013

A Weekend Away

View from the Deck
Ok....well, it was just time....for a weekend away to Center Hill Lake.  Thanks to those who joined me for great views, great food, great company....plenty of knitting and spinning and of course....Michigan football... 



07 October 2013

Crooked Lake

Ok....lovely after work ride with Linda....nice drink, beautiful view, great company....ahhhhhh.......

This was taken a little while ago....by now the fall has touched Michigan, but I love the shots and the view.