29 March 2011

Ghost in the Machine

Ok....so sometimes I hear one side of a phone conversation coming from my television....I know, how can that be you're saying, but it's true.  I guess with technology overlapping and flying through every bit of air space....I'm picking up a southern neighbor's phone line.  Thank goodness he's not a chatty Kathy.  However......last night, while watching Castle (has to be done), I heard something odd coming from the TV....so mute....and what do I hear?  Seriously.  Bag pipes playing Amazing Grace.  Now, I love a good bagpipe tune, but really....from the TV?  Where was this coming from?  Was my neighbor playing the pipes over the phone to a friend?  Was I now picking up a radio? Was this from someone else's TV?  And then as suddenly as it began, it stopped and there was silence.  Only conclusion....there is a Scottish ghost in the machine.  I suppose if you're going to have a ghost in the machine a good Scottish one is the one to have.  But when I hear the neighbor talking, he is not Scottish, rather he is very, very southern.  So, ghost it is.  Macbeth you say.......

And while I'm on the subject of the supernatural in my house.....I leave stuff out every night and the fairies are not doing their job.  I thought they were supposed to come in to clean up or cook something or maybe finish my knitting or paint a wall....but nothing.  I think they just party all night.  And Paco, let's not even go there.

Just a couple of pictures of what I considered to be the most beautiful red pepper before Sunday dinner....don't ask.

28 March 2011

Spinning and Beading and Plying, oh my....

Ok....so inevitably what happens is I say to myself....I need to remember to write that in the blog....this would be great for the blog....yada, yada, yada....so it goes...  Then I open the blog and realize I haven't written in a week and now my head is exploding....so here goes....

I have written and posted two patterns on the pattern page of this blog (link under the header above) and on ravelry.  Also, the patterns can be found on allfreeknitting.com...linen stitch scarf and top down chullo.  I'm very excited about finally writing patterns down...all the years of designing and my notes are on scraps of paper...sad.  Also, allfreeknitting will be publishing a designer page on me.  I sent them a blurb...I hope they fix it....very hard to write a blurb about yourself.

Of course, I have been spinning.  I have been experimenting with beads and different plys and coming up with some interesting results....let me know what you think.  Last night I started spinning from a Molly batt.  Tried spinning from the fold....have to work on that a bit.  But love the result.

On that note.....it's Monday....it's cloudy and cool (which I like) and the beginning of a new week brings so much promise.  Enjoy!!!

21 March 2011


Ok....so today I had to stop by Walgreens to pick up something to calm my sinuses....yes, it's too hot too soon.....anyway....while waiting in line I began to wonder, what do people buy at Walgreens (other than drugs), because they have a little of everything.  I know sometimes I go in there to pick up something medical and walk out with a card or wrapping paper or whatever, just so I don't have to go somewhere else...but do people go in there, not make a medical purchase and shop for other items?  I have always thought of Walgreens as a pharmacy first, but who knows.....   Today while in line, I notice a young woman and man (father, husband...not sure, but he was noticeably older)....and all she was purchasing was a small three pack of underwear (briefs)....so what is the story there?  Thoughts anyone?

20 March 2011

In the Moment

Ok....most of you know that I strive to live my life in the moment.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes bad, but I try to stay away from what if and from what will be.  So I'm feeling philosophical this morning and thought I would share a quote I read last night....perfect as spring begins....

"Life can only be understood backwards.  Unfortunately, it must be lived forward."  -Kierkegaard

Enjoy this day....this beginning of a new season....a reminder once more of this moment and how unique it is to your life.

17 March 2011

Spinning Update

Ok...so you all know I'm in high spinning mode (although I did warp the loom last night for another wrap)....so is it a surprise that I would have a spinning update. 

First of all, Jan gave me some pencil roving to practice with and I made goofy funky yarn with that and some fine navy mohair.  Not sure what I think of it....I'm going with art yarn and after all.....isn't art for art's sake? 

I have also finished some other funky stuff...so enjoy. 

Last but not least for today....I have a couple of pictures of Ashlyn in her chullo....love it..

15 March 2011

Introducing.....the Bug

Ok....so there is a new arrival on the estate...the lady bug spinning wheel...aka "the bug" is in the house.  And as of last night, I have completed my first full hank on her, him, it...still working that out.  So far so good.  It is definitely different from Jan's visiting journey, but so far very good.  I'm glad to have the large bobbin now and changing bobbins, although not as easy as the journey, isn't bad at all. 

I learned from Jan that each ladybug wheel has a ladybug in a different spot.  I love where mine is.  Right behind the wheel so I see it all the time I'm spinning. 

Next on the roster has been the name for my new venture in art, which I have been stewing over for a couple of months.....but I think I'm getting closer and will be sharing that info very soon.  You know me, I just have to live with something for a while...try it on....make sure it fits.....

I have also finished my first knitting project with my own handspun.  Here, the lovely Vanna, I mean Liana....is modeling said item.  Not a scarf, not a cowl....but with buttons and a side swagger to it.  I'm just happy the yarn didn't fall apart in my hands as I was knitting, glad it still hasn't fallen apart and am a little more comfortable with actually using the yarn I'm spinning....who'd have believed it...

And last but not least....a new wrap is off the loom and I'm loving it....still.  This one is cotton with a little copper metallic that has a beautiful drape.

09 March 2011

A Spinning Visitor

Ok...so I have had a visitor at my house the past couple of weeks.  Jan's Journey wheel has been my spinning companion.  Just a few pictures of what we have done together this week.

03 March 2011


Ok....so are the bold yellow lines in front of a building, that say 'NO PARKING' a no parking zone or is it really just a drop off zone or a park and wait for someone zone?  And if you have a handicapped parking permit and there is no one in the handicapped spot (which is 10 feet away)...does that permit give you permission to park in a no parking zone?  Just wondering.....