31 October 2016

Alabama Stitching

Ok....so, as my friend Jan would say....there is another squirrel in my house....  I have for a long time done embroidery work, but more recently have been drawn to the Alabama Chanin model for clothing, stitching and rustic simplicity.  So...off I go...  What fun!!  This is a small sampler I purchased to play a bit.  Needed to learn a little different style from the usual embroidery work I have done.

27 October 2016

Spreading Vines for Knitting

Ok....so I actually knitted something from my Ravelry queue.  The yarn was purchased in France at La Droguerie, however I did wait to return before starting the knitting.  This is Fingering weight with 6 needle so it's loose and so very soft.  I think it would be lovely worsted weight.  The pattern is Spreading Vines by Jennifer Weissman.  Love it.  Here we go with the colour business again....the yarn is a deep blue...I have to shoot these again sometime.

24 October 2016

Capelet Knitting

Ok....this was an unexpected and quick knit.  I used handspun yarn and added an additional repeat to meet gauge.  My version is large and the colour is actually the very dark blue green....having lighting issues today.  This is the Capelet of Good Hope by Lynne Vogel.  Give it a go.

20 October 2016

Knitting in France

Ok...so a single hank shawlette pattern...Wildheart...knit in Seven Sisters Arts Apex Karasu.  Was a fun knit and love the result.

17 October 2016

Spinning Cranberry

Ok....so lovely spin of Romney/ Alpaca from Far Out Farm....fun and beautiful.

13 October 2016

Chateau Dumas - the Floors

Ok....so everywhere I went throughout this trip I noticed the floors...I finally started taking shots of them....beautiful.  Every bit of a room is worth a gaze.

12 October 2016

09 October 2016

Chateau Dumas

Ok....so a good portion of my time in southern France was spent at Chateau Dumas in Auty...  The pictures here are a smattering of what I took...what I saw and felt while there.  It was very hot...too hot...but I was amazed how easily I fell into a leisurely day there.  The Chateau is an 18th century farmhouse...hard to believe...but it is so.  The food...that is in a separate post....exceptional.

06 October 2016

St. Antonin Noble Val and....market day

Ok...so St. Antonin hosts an amazing Sunday market...maybe we were just lucky to be in France when the produce was so abundant but seriously...everything overflowed.  And the town was quaint with mountain views at the end of every street and a 12th century history as a tannery...amazing.