20 March 2020

Terra Maris

Ok....so really fun knit because of the pattern changes.  Knit with a gradient from River's Edge Fiber Arts.  Love it....on to another.

10 February 2020

Alpaca Cables

Ok...beautiful yarn from Stewart Farm.....

26 December 2019

Scotland Stripes

Ok....so some wonderful wool from Shilasdair Yarn on Skye.  BFL and naturally dyed.

05 December 2019

More Infinity

Ok...couple more infinity scarves with handspun...

31 October 2019


Ok....fell in love with this the moment I saw it...fast forward to a Santa Fe trip and the acquisition of some beautiful hand-dyed red lace yarn.  Then this...

15 October 2019


Ok....so using up handspun and other yarn for scarf gifts....

04 August 2019

Cashmere Hat

Ok...so reverse of the earlier version....still lovely.

12 July 2019


Ok...so just a quick fun knit for Mum.

26 June 2019

Another Summer Camp

Ok...but this one is with hand dyed yarn from River's Edge Fibers.  Love it.

28 May 2019

Just Bulky

Ok....so super bulky and soft.

15 May 2019

Oversized Shawl

Ok...super quick and easy...

01 May 2019

Spinning Moon Sampler

Ok....so just a lot of handspun yarn in a big stripped (until the colour runs out) blanket.  Fun knit and love the stripes.  Fabulous yarn from Spinning Moon Farm in Michigan.  Of course, Mia was very helpful.