18 January 2019


Ok....so this project has taken a bit to complete because...yes, lots of seed stitch.  But I fell in love with it when I first saw it in March 2017 at Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria, BC.  So, I picked up the pattern and yarn and began.  This stole has been to Ontario, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nova Scotia and Martha's Vineyard, MA.  If started in TN and finished in MI.  It's been a long journey but it is....finally....finished.  And I love it.

14 January 2019

Holiday Knitting

Ok....did get something finished over the holiday.  Last minute gift just in time....

03 January 2019

Holiday Baking

Ok....because I haven't done it in ages.  And now, I have more than I could possibly know what to do with.

31 December 2018


Ok...wishing you all a happy holiday season....spread the love and peace.

11 December 2018

Because She's so Cute

Ok....just too much cuteness for one person.

04 December 2018

Spinning the Moon

Ok....lovely additions from Spinning Moon Farm.  Edie is a master at blending colours.  These will be additions to the crocheted sampler in the works.

21 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Ok.....so much to be thankful for.  Hug someone, smile at someone and give to those who do not have.

07 November 2018

Fiber in the Boro

Ok....another great year.

02 November 2018

24 October 2018

Nova Scotia - Something Wonderful Around every Curve

Ok....it's true....something wonderful around every curve and into every cove.

15 October 2018

08 October 2018

The Sea

Ok....here begins a series of posts from Nova Scotia...enjoy.