25 July 2014

Sari Silk

Ok.....so while in Monteagle at the Weekend of Fiber retreat, I picked up some lovely sari silk fabric yarn.  Great colours that I'm looking forward to incorporating into projects....weaving, knitting....whatever is calling for them.

22 July 2014

Twinleaf Complete

Ok....they're both finished.  I specifically purchased the yarn indicated for the pattern (which I rarely do), but it wasn't enough to complete all 9 rays.  I got 7 following the pattern for the teal.  For the purple I reduced the number of rows and the beginning and end down to 34 to get an 8th ray.

18 July 2014

Davison Farmers Market

Ok....What a groovy little place....such nice people...so excited this is close by Mum.  Have been a couple of times to get veggies and even lunch.  Great addition to the neighborhood.

11 July 2014

Just the Island

Ok....few last photos that I liked.

07 July 2014


Ok....I love the peace of the beach and shooting waves is part of that for me.

01 July 2014

Island Sunsets

Ok....need I say more....