29 September 2011

Beaded Spinning

Ok....so I've started spinning beads again.  Here is the first of a few coming your way.  This is a mixed BFL/Tussah Silk directly from our wonderful local dyer Jan Quarles of Daily Fibers.  I've plied on itself and added a bronze bead for a little polish.  Fun for the fall.

PS....don't you just love this weather!!!!!!!

23 September 2011

On a Spin

Ok.....so you know that I've been spinning a BL (remember the cute picture) and silk blend...2 lbs to be exact...that I purchased at the Michigan Fibre Festival....well....it's finished.  One month after I started, I have completed the spinning and plying.....and.....I have 2700 yds. 
So, if I choose to, I can probably now make a sweater instead.  I still have three more that are in 1 lb batches, but now I know I can do those.

I've also finished Ash's Christmas socks (shh, don't tell her) and a hat for Mitchell.

I love the fall weather we've been having lately....just had to be said.

And, yesterday while at Lowe's to pick up something to kill the black ants and bagworms that have invaded my trees (a warm weather activity, correct), I couldn't believe that all the Christmas decorations were out.  No more patio umbrellas (which I actually need since my died), but instead yard santas and reindeer.  I think that puts a whole new meaning to "WAY TOO EARLY"...just saying...

15 September 2011

Knitting with Mitchell

Ok, so you all know my knitting traveled with me to Canada.  Now my intention was to knit at least one sock for Mitchell so that I could get the correct measurements....and that I did do.  I actually knit the entire pair, which worked out better than expected.
This pair of socks, however, was knit in part my Mitchell as he sat on my lap and helped.  What fun!  Every time I asked if I could try the sock on for size, he promptly dropped whatever he was doing, came over, sat down, peeled off his shoes and socks and waited patiently for the fitting.  Again....too cute.  He was fascinated with the yarn, just as a cat would be....waiting for you to turn your back so he could stretch it out of the living room into the kitchen. 

So, as you all know, when you're making socks....the process is one at a time.  Well, I had completed one and he wanted to wear it.....photo op......this kid walked around forever with the one sock and his shoes.  Priceless!

On Sunday we visited the town of Coburg.  I love this quaint little town and of course the waterfront.  There is a huge fountain that Mitchell waded through....more photo ops.
My Michigan boy was sporting the seasonal fan look encouraged by his Godmother.

On our way home, we passed by the alpacas, Shetlands, goats, hens....and everything else on old MacDonald's farm.....yes, no joke....Mr. MacDonald.  I was yelling to the alpacas that I wanted a fleece (and Mitchell was helping), but they didn't jump the fence and give me one.

Upon leaving Monday morning, my Mum gave Mitchell the gift she had brought for him.....a remote control car.  Needless to say....huge hit.  The drive back was fairly smooth...regardless of the hour wait to cross back to the States and the border guard who wanted to know if I was a country singer....seriously, me....seriously.  Apparently his in-laws live in Cookville.  Don't everyone's?

And here I am back in the States and preparing for the journey to the south.  What a wonderful adventure away from the heat and near so much water......ahhhhhhhh.........

12 September 2011

09 September 2011

Run for the Border

Ok...am I really going away for another weekend...yes, I am....this time over and along another two of the great lakes....Lake Huron and Lake Ontario.
 I am headed into bear and moose country with my Mum to see my family....ah, Canada.  This jaunt will take me to the cottage area along Lake Ontario and to my little man.  Ah, the adventures that await me.

So I arrived in the afternoon after an uneventful drive (which any of you who cross the Blue Water Bridge know is a miracle sometimes). 
My little man, Mitchell, was there to greet me along with the rest of the family....and he remembered me.  What an amazing feeling.  To say we had a blast is an understatement.  He has started to talk and along with understanding what he wants now (adamantly), it's hours of entertainment for the Godmother.  To say he's too cute just doesn't cover it.

We had wonderful dinners cooked by Kathy, great drives and shopping, lots of laughter and...the lake.  Some pics of the trip follow.  Enjoy. 

05 September 2011

The Last Day

Ok....so Sunday was my planned day of departure.  Of course, once again I woke up to a stunning view, nice chill in the air (the light sweater kind).  I love this about the mornings and evenings now...  Today was a day at home...back to the dock; sun, lake, music, conversation....  Even the drive home was uneventful and pleasant.  One of the things I love about Michigan is that no matter where you are in the state, there is water...every road eventually passes water or leads to water....  What a beautiful little retreat.

I have now completed Uncle Nick socks and have done a little more spinning from the monster fibre bag...

03 September 2011

Boyne City and the Lake

Ok....so here I am...day two on Lake Charlevoix.  How wonderful it is to wake up, open your eyes and not even move before you see the lake. 

This was my fortune.  I was in a bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and doors to the deck and lake.  I'm thinking it can't get much better, but then I walk into the kitchen and Colleen has coffee waiting...just got better. 
After chatting and enjoying our morning coffees, we head into Boyne City for the farmer's market;  tomatoes, corn, scones, ciabatta bread and wait for it....fresh made cherry pie....yum! 
We visited a few shops in town and now I think I have a problem.  So, you see, when you are in lake country or woods country or anywhere near a Canadian border, the decor changes.  All of the sudden bears, fish and moose are everywhere...I love it!  Seriously!  Colleen's place is a log home with this decor.  Every store has it...it's great.  So, the problem....I now have a moose thing.  As we shopped I gravitated toward everything with a moose on it.  What's up with that?  And then the bear thing started.  I bought a bear thing.  The fish....well I've have the fish problem since I was a child. 

So let's talk apples.  Michigan is known for it's yummy apples....well, the trees are full of them.  The cherries were harvested in July so I didn't get to see full cherry orchards, but the apples were everywhere.  Types I'd never heard of, types I had and all looking delicious.

The remainder of our day way spent on the dock...in the sun and breeze...with music and conversation and...the water.  Again....this day just keeps getting better and better.  But how can it go wrong when you wake up so grounded, balanced, zen.....