30 November 2014

Blowing Glass

Ok....so one of the groovy things I did this trip was visit the Simon Pearce showroom and glass blowing studio.  Although I have seen glass blown before, it is always a beautiful and mesmerizing sight.  And appropriately....they were blowing wine glasses.

27 November 2014

The Awe of Fall in New Hampshire

Ok....the last leg of my New England fall holiday was in New Hampshire....overflowing with colour, water, charm and friends.

PS....as many times as I have been up this close to the Canadians and all the signage about Moose, I have yet to see a Moose.  I'm just wondering where they are and what they're doing with them.  Bring on the Moose.

24 November 2014


Ok....I have traveled to New England many times because I love it so much...but never been to Maine.  Finally, I got to Maine...now I have to go again.  I took a stunning and relaxing drive north on Hwy 1A and stayed at a beautiful Inn in Kennebunkport.  And what would Maine be without a bit of lobsta....Ah.....

20 November 2014

Stepping Back

Ok...lovely visit to historic Newberryport, MA.

17 November 2014

Island Peace

Ok...just more peaceful moments on Martha's Vineyard.

14 November 2014

Finally Some Handspun

Ok....it's been a bit since I've done some spinning, but this is a good start.  Beautiful gradient of white to sage by Jan of Daily Fibers.  Love it!  Since I did make some fibre purchases at Fiber in the Boro...hopefully more spinning to come soon.

Well...here is another from Spinning Moon Farm...beautiful and a joy to spin.  This is Sassafras Syrup.
Another great fibre from Lisa at Dicentra Designs....this is three plied Moon Rise and so lovely and round.  Love the way the yarn evolved on this.
And the last from River's Edge Fiber Arts...which got the thick, thin, whatever I felt like treatment.

11 November 2014

Fibre Retreat

Ok....so a few of us gals met at St. Mary's in Sewanee to spin, knit, eat and retreat.  It was a lovely weekend in the hills of Tennessee.  A weekend to see friends, catch up on some crafting and enjoy a beautiful fall full of colour.