26 May 2010

Experiment in Sheep Shop...

Ok.....So, I picked up this great yarn at the Haus and have decided to make a piece of a triangular Estonian lace shawl with it.  I'm not actually doing the triangular part, but am pulling out pattern pieces for a straight scarf.  So far it looks great, however, I only have two skeins of yarn (and the yarn is being discontinued), so I have no idea at this point if it will be enough for what I'm planning.  I don't think so.  I do have a plan B if it doesn't work, which will mean re-knitting the skein again, but what fun is knitting without a little ripping out and starting over here and there.  I love this yarn!  It's 30% silk and 70% wool....very soft....and a cool orange with color variations....beautiful.  Here is the beginning of plan A....

Oh, did I mention it's a lace pattern?  Of course it is...because lately all I've had on the brain is lace.  I have lovely alpaca lace I brought home from Maryland that is whispering to me in the night (cause alpaca is just a whispering kind of fibre).  We'll see what I decide to do with that.

On a side note....my Pease Fleece arrived from Maine....Sea Moss wool DK.  Sue and I swatched last night in preparation for the Faery Ring Jacket knit-a-long which will begin in July.  Just in time for winter wearing.  After just the swatch, I think this will be a great yarn to knit with as well.  Sue's is a groovy earth tone with specs of many colors.  All evening long she said, "Here comes pink.", "There is a blue."....I think she enjoyed the process.

24 May 2010

My Little Sister...

Ok....so today is Kathy's brithday...to my little sister; happiness, health and lots of love.  Hope to see you very soon.  And, as usual, the magnoilas are in full bloom for your day.

19 May 2010

Addition to the Family

Ok....I made a little friend to go with the jacket...I did this because I had a little yarn left and thought, "Oh, wouldn't this be cute"....and it is...however, I STILL have yarn left.  A ball of the bombay goes a long way.  But now, alas....I'm am finished with trying to come up with ways to use the yarn that is left over.  That being said, I love this little dude.

13 May 2010

Finished Surprise

Ok...so the jacket is finished and there was enough yarn to add to the set...cap and socks.  Very little and very cute.  The yarn was a breeze to work with and I'm happy with the result.

10 May 2010

Maryland Sheep and Crab Festival

Ok...Mum and I spent the first weekend in May (fake Mother's Day weekend), in Maryland for the Sheep and Wool Festival.  Let me start by saying that while fondling yarn and color matching all day is good times, there was also getting my Mum out of the house and crabs...crabs, crabs, crabs....there, Maryland is full of crabs....  Several crabs gave their lives that weekend so that we could crack and clean and hammer and have something to go with our beer and wine.  The weather on Friday was perfect and our Annapolis excursion and crab hunting was sunny, breezy and seaside...what more could I ask for.....ok...too much, I know.

On to the festival...I had really been looking forward to the weekend since my dear friend Sue told me "You have to go".  I talked Mum into it and started booking flights.  Well, 3 gazillion people had the same idea as me.  They came from everywhere....they gathered for yarn and spinning and sheep......and.....lamb burgers.  Yup, shearing on one side...sizzling on the other.  So, the kink in the event was the weather....90 degrees and sunny.  Great for the beach, not so much for the Maryland Sheep and WOOL Festival.  We enjoyed what we could get to and picked up some groovy and very soft alpaca lace yarn and wonder peace fleece......and then, we pooped out.

Of course, Sunday came and it was time for Mum and I to head in opposite directions....oh, wait...she made it, I however, had a canceled fight, a rebook to Birmingham, AL and a drive through lighting and rain at midnight....with, my wonderful new yarn, a contented body full of crab and a smile for having spent these wonderful moments with my Mum.