30 December 2014

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy holiday season surrounded by those you love.

20 December 2014


Ok....two different takes on the herringbone pattern with the same yarn....Madeline Tosh pashmina...

13 December 2014

Curlique Baby

Ok....just a really fun project to knit.  Just knit and purl, but the short rows and shaping made it interesting and fast.

This is the best representation of the true colour

08 December 2014

Ombre Cowl

Ok....so I tried to make this once before and got a little too fancy for my own good....and hated it.  It was horrendous...  This I am much happier with and actually finished it.  Soft and a true Ombre.

03 December 2014

December Square

Ok...the yarn over cable or mock cable.