27 July 2011


Ok....the shop is up and running.  I have just posted a few items for the time being, but will get more in soon. 

Would love any feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see in the shop.....of course something I can actually do would be nice. 

Don't think about looking for a hand carved wooden bowl...not going to happen....would be frightening to small children.  Stop in and take a look around Blue Leaf Arts.

Now for a little spinning and weaving....enjoy!!  It's too hot to do much else.

24 July 2011

Handspun and Sorting

Ok....so a little spinning and a lot of donation to share. 

The first spinning project is a hank of beautiful BFL/Tussah from Daily Fibers.  The jewel tones grabbed my attention, but most of all the sage green mixed in.....really nice affect. 

The second is an alpaca, bamboo, merino blend I picked up from Ozark Carding Mill at the Middle TN Fibre Festival.  It's a lovely claret color that I've spun fingering weight.  Looking forward to devising a project for this one.

And finally, I received a huge and generous donation from Haus of Yarn for Hospice.  Reyna came by yesterday for the sorting.....there are over 300 hanks of yarn.  There was a lot of yarn in my kitchen yesterday.  This is King Tut cotton at 182 yards and  I have posted the colors in my stash on Ravelry and will be glad to deliver to anyone when you're ready for more.  Please visit the ravelry site for our hospice charity group, Threads of Kindness.  We're always welcoming new members to knit for the amazing organization. 

18 July 2011


Ok.....so Saturday I had a wonderful brunch, knit session and hummingbird experience with some fellow knitters. 

The late morning/early afternoon gathering was relaxing and filled with joy and laughter (and great food).....beautiful way to spend any day. 

I was amazed at the volume of hummingbirds that visit Vicky.  I have heard of the legendary flock (oh yes...a flock), but to see it was amazing and wonderful. 

I did not get near the photos I wanted and could have sat for hours longer watching and shooting, but here are a few.  

PS....check out the neck length on the birds....might make it easier for some to fight for the red plastic flower.   Enjoy!!!!

Pie Wedge Update - now that I have gotten over the stretched row that I wasn't crazy about, I'm clipping along again.  I have two wedges finished.

13 July 2011

Off to a Good Start

Ok....so today I had a wonderful start thanks to two things.....my strawberry banana smoothie...yum and my little pal Daniel.  Thanks to his Mum, Heather....I got a little visit this morning.  There is nothing like starting your day with strawberries, bananas and a super long hug from a little guy.  Sometimes...once in a while....there is a moment when everything is right with the world.

Then of course, playing in Aunt Christina's yard loses it's appeal for a little one after a while.

On a knitting note, I have completely one wedge of the pie-edge shawl, effectively frogged it and will now begin again with a different short row method...just didn't like what it was doing.

Stay cool everyone!!

10 July 2011


Ok....so I picked up some beautiful yarn while in Michigan at Elaine's Yarns (Araucania Aysen).  I chose it specifically for a Christmas gift.  Love the way it knit....I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Lovely merino, alpaca and silk.....very soft and fluffy.  Should keep a body warm in the cold winter.  Doesn't that sound inviting right now?

Yesterday was the second Saturday of the month, which means....yes, spinning.  The Nashville Spinsters met at Fifty Forward Knowles to spin away some group time.  It was a great session and we even had some new joiners and some people learning to drop spin....much fun.

And finally, the game is afoot.  Liana and I are knitting the Pie Wedge Shawl together.  We have both cast on.  I think we've both wanted to do this project for a bit, and finally, here we go.  Looking forward to it and actually using the yarn I intended for it instead of getting more.......Pagewood Farm Willow Creek (Hand Dyed Lace Weight Superwash Merino).  Stay tuned for the progress.

Everyone staying cool?  EEK!

07 July 2011

A Little Cooking with my Fibre

Ok....so a little cooking this week.  Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes not so much....but this is a dish my Mum does for me, so I wanted to recreate it here, maybe just to remember.  But, as usual, it was good, but it was not hers.  This is just a saute of vegetables that was later baked with brown rice....yum.

Also, Liana brought strawberries over and now I have a strawberry problem and can't get enough.  Thank goodness she didn't bring ice cream. 

Finally, I've been spinning a bit and knitting a bit.  The green above is spiral plied with some bobbles thrown in....having fun with what I have learned.

I have actually started knitting socks (thin socks....eek)....with my own handspun sock yarn.  I love it!!  So far so good.  I've put a little pattern on the front of the sock to keep me occupied while I knit on size 1 needles.  Fun times for the feet.

And I have finished the Haruni shawl that I was knitting with Reyna.  I was a bad knit-a-long partner and finished early.  I had lot of time to knit while away.  This was knit with my handspun yarn, which was a joy and turned out beautiful.  Who would have thought I'd be knitting with my own yarn.  Amazing and wonderful.

01 July 2011

Hospice Additions

Ok....so most of you know that I have started a charity group for Alive Hospice in Middle Tennessee.  I will be periodically posting info here if you would like to donate yarn or finished project, or would like to knit.  We are very fortunate to have wonderful yarn donations from Haus of Yarn in Nashville, TN.  Please let me know if you are looking for yarn to knit these projects with.  If I have donations I would be glad to get them to you.

I am so excited to say, we are now partnering with Bliss Yarns in Brentwood, TN as well to collect knitted items.

The other wonderful addition is that overflow will go to the Vanderbilt NICu.  I'm thrilled to be able to add this group. Please join me in welcoming them aboard and contributing. 
Thank you so much to all the wonderful women who knit so patients can feel the care and kindness we have to offer.  Please let me know if you would like to participate and check out our Ravelry group online.