26 April 2010

Mars, Venus and my gyro...

Ok....so needing to get out of the house a little bit today, took me on an errand run and lunch...my favorite Gyro place, timed perfectly so it would be fairly quiet and I would get in a little reading while eating.

To shorten this story, lunch did not turn out to be about my gyro, a diet coke and Percy Jackson and the Olympians as planned….it turned out to be about men and woman; Mars and Venus. The table across the aisle housed a man and woman who had finished their lunch and we're still discussing 'business'. Apparently, they work together in the journalism industry; her in video and he in print. They are a part of the same team that covers music events….and, she was not happy with him. Something did not go as expected during the last engagement, which brought them to this little place to discuss 'issues' and I suppose how they were going to work together.

What struck me were words, words I have read in a million self-help books and articles about men and women; dating, marrying, living together, getting along and most of all communicating. I really DID try to read and accomplished two chapters, but periodically, I would hear words that took my attention away from Percy and made me smile. Each time she tried to tell him what the issue was, she began with, "I feel like…." He began with, "You told me….." How many times I have read this? Have these two not read Oprah? or John Gray? Do they not watch TV? So funny, that exactly what every therapist says, is actually true…women communicate what they feel and men communicate what they see and hear. And these two were trying, but it wasn't happening.

I think they may have worked a few things out, but I can't be sure, because as they were standing from the table her cell phone rang and she proceeded to fill the other party in on some clothing issues she was having. While he, after holding the door for a brief moment, decided to wait in the car. The way they left the restaurant, was so symbolic of the lack of communication….neither heard the other or felt the other. Each was painfully self-focused.

Which brings me to why I'm smiling now? God knows this is going on. So, does He laugh when He sees us acting so silly? And, is He hoping that someday we figure out how different we are and that we should embrace those differences and enjoy? Smile at each other more maybe? I don't know, but today, I had a great lunch!

23 April 2010

And so it begins

Well, here I am...out here in what feels like everywhere when you hit PUBLISH. I hope to share adventures and projects....photos and thoughts...and of course, food and wine.

Last night I joined the Thursday night knit group at Haus of Yarn as we began Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket...fun and since it does not yet look anything like a jacket....an adventure. Yarn is Katia Bombay...love working with it so far....