23 June 2016

Another Brioche Rib

Ok....another version of my infinity brioche rib pattern but with stripes and buttons.  Beautiful alpaca yarn from Black Wolf Ranch.

17 June 2016

The Cube That Became a Pouf

Ok....so this was seriously just going to be a small cube I could put my feet upon....then it grew.  I wanted something a little bigger...and so it grew and grew a little more.  Now it's a pretty good size....still great to put my feet upon....and I love it.  Made with handspun Jacob yarn.  Spun to grade.  So much fun!!

11 June 2016

Red Silk Runner

Ok....and second off the loom, a pre-warped red silk table runner.  Still have more of this lovely warp on the loom for who knows what....

06 June 2016

Saori Banner

Ok....I know what you're thinking, but.....   I bought a Saori Loom...love it.  I know I had two rigid heddle looms but now I still have two and one is has a new happy home.  So, just did what came to mind this first time....the saori way....  Love that it is hanging in the yard.  Hope the animals love it too.

01 June 2016

Arctic Meadow Wrap

Ok...so very happy with this shawl.  Started a bit ago....put down for other projects....and finally finished.  Handspun yarn from Dicentra.  Hopefully the pattern will be coming soon.