21 December 2012


 Ok....so I love this day....that moment when everything starts to shift again.  I have fond memories of evening walks in the snow...the world so quiet, not like it was changing or shifting but like everything was resting, waiting....such a peaceful sensation.  To all of you, I wish peace through the holidays and coming new year.....I hope you all find that wonderful moment of quiet.

13 December 2012

Weaving again

Ok....couple new pieces woven for my dear friends Kathleen and George.  First a scarf for George...simple with a window pane pattern...all alpaca. 
Then for Kathleen, a wrap in wool.  Wool warp of eggplant with a handspun weft of corriedale and cotswold she picked up from a vendor at the Vineyard Artisan Festival.


10 December 2012

Island Food

Ok....it had to be done.  I'm always taking shots of food so I had to post a few.  One of the things I love about being in New England is all the fresh seafood and on the island, there is plenty to go around.  My favorite lobsta' roll can be found at The Net Result in Vineyard Haven.  I went with the Chowda' as well.  Although the best chowda' on the island is at the Galley in Menemsha...but closed for the season.  The weather was nice enough for a picnic of this treat.

In addition, the island has many farms, so shopping for fresh organic produce is a joy.  Most of the restaurants on the island cook seasonally and use local ingredients...I love this no matter where I am.  I love supporting local farms. 
And then there were the martinis....of all kinds... The bartender at Henry's (Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown) was amused by us. 
Finally, the neighbor across the street, Mr. Norton, always puts up a Charlie Brown tree in his workshop.  It stays lit day and night and is truly the beginning of the season.  Thank you Mr. Norton, enjoy the cranberry coffee cake.

07 December 2012

More of the Island

Ok....some more shots from the trip.  One of my favorite activities when on the island is chasing the light.  Because the island is small....I can catch sunset on the east side by the lagoon and then head west to see the end at the cliffs....what a lovely chase. 
I heard a rumor while on the island that the Gay Head light (in this shot on the cliffs) is for sale.....seemed odd, but I couldn't find any more out.  Wonder what a lighthouse, circa 1799 goes for?

Many of the shots come from walks into Edgartown in the mornings or generally walks around the island.  The early morning light on the Edgartown Harbour is breathtaking. 

This time of year, the bay scallops are abundant....every morning...on our walk, we saw the fishermen coming in and unloading their baskets full of these little treats. I did make a fettuccine with farm veggies and bay scallops for dinner...yum. 



05 December 2012

The Island

Ok....so the remainder of my Thanksgiving week was spent with friends on Martha's Vineyard....  It was a lovely week of seafood, wine, the ocean, the beach and great friends... 
As always, I took many photos.  I have been spending time on this island for over 8 years and it's only so big, but I keep taking shots.  A friend asked me, while I was lining up a shot, why I keep taking pictures of the same thing.  Interesting....how many shots can you have of the same thing? 
Well, couple of answers....first, each time I shoot on the island, it's a different time of day, different time of year, different light, different weather....each time the shots come out different.  I never know what I will see through the lens and it amazes me each time. 
Second answer and more importantly, it's the memory.  Each visit there has been with different people or alone and I can look at each shot and remember who I was with and what we were talking about or if I was alone and what I was thinking.  These shots are my great memories. 

03 December 2012


Ok....I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but I have been out knitting and taking pictures, so here we go.

Before Thanksgiving, I met a friend in Providence, RI.  Now many of you know my affection for New England....so visiting this city for the first time was much anticipated and caused a lot of excitement in the household.  I have visited each town around Narragansett Bay and loved each one, but never managed to get into downtown Providence. 
Now I have been there and want more.  Our time there was very short, but we managed to drive through college row, through the financial district, through the arts district and into federal hill.  We stayed in the capitol area and yes....we got to little Italy. 
With beautiful weather, we were able to stroll the streets there, have lunch and visit the areas most famous Italian grocery.....so you know I was in Heaven. 
I was so happy to see restoration taking place downtown.  Rhode Island has been hit very hard in this economy, but perhaps there is a little hope for this beautiful area filled with gorgeous architecture and history. 

I know this girl will be returning to further explore this lovely area and need I say it....eat the amazing food.


20 November 2012

100,000 and Counting

Ok......we did it.....thanks to all of you out there, the blog reached a huge milestone today.....over 100,000 hits.  Yippppeeeeee!!!!!  Thank you all for tuning in to follow my knitting, spinning, weaving and numerous other random craftiness....   For listening to my goofy stories and oddball thoughts....  For humoring me when I want to fill the pages with pics of my little man....   For going on all my adventures through my photos....  For enjoying my knitting patterns....    And most of all....for being out there for me to share with.  Thank you....on to 200,000?????

13 November 2012

Dye Job

Ok....so I'm very excited to show you my newest creation (thanks to guidance from Jan)....  I wish I had taken before pics so you could see the metamorphosis....just amazing. 
This was a plain white silk scarf, that I filled with vegetation from my yard.  At the time that I did this exercise, I had decided that my yard didn't have anything interesting....now, I have a entirely new appreciation for the plant life in my yard. 
And let me just be honest....I expected that when I unwrapped my bundle I would still have a white scarf contrary to what Jan told me and I saw.  I'm just that way sometimes.  But......I was wrong.  I have this beautifully printed and colored scarf.  I'm so pleased and excited.