29 April 2011

The Local Taco......YUM

Ok....Kathy and I went out for lunch today...figured we'd enjoy the beautiful weather (top down kind of weather) and where did we end up.......The Local Taco in Brentwood.  I had the smoked salmon and spicy shrimp tacos, which were amazing.  Bright, fresh flavors and colors.  The guacamole was fresh and chunky.  AND, the Cuban corn is to die for....roasted corn on the cob, with butter, tomatoes, some kind of very light citrus glaze and a little cheese sprinkled on top......so beautiful.  Whatever you do, add this to your lunch or dinner.  I hear they have great margaritas but we decided against during lunch.  We griped about how much we wanted to have one, which is acceptable, but no juice at lunch.  Also, a biggie for me is the atmosphere....this is a very groovy place, very open air and relaxed.  And the staff that I encountered was exceptional and having fun, which is huge important to me.

So, the moral of the story is, get out to one of their locations and give it a go....

24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Ok....so this morning the Peeps insisted on my posting them to the blog so they could wish you a Happy Easter.  You know how adamant and resolute they can be. 

Honestly, it's probably because Jan blew one of their buddies up in the microwave last night.  You see....small group knitting and eating at my house turned into a blue peep sacrifice.  I can't say I discouraged it.  I can't say I tried to stop it.  And I did marvel at the process....sad.....but it had to be done. 

There were peeps everywhere and they were taking over the food....literally.  Anyway....Happy Easter from the peeps...and me.

23 April 2011

One Year Ago.....

Ok....so one year ago I started writing here and I'm still doing it.  Hard to believe.  So, is there where I should pen what transpired over the year?  What I have learned over the year?  New people I have met?  Places I have been?  Tears cried, illness, laughter, movies....what?  This is what I know for sure....the last year has been one of learning and growing, meeting so many new and wonderful people, learning to spin and weave, buying more yarn that I need, hugging everyone I could, laughing, traveling.......   I have traveled to Vermont (new state for me), watched the tide come in on Cape Cod, played with my beautiful Godson, held my family close....   I've read new books, seen so many movies, been caught up  in too many TV series and danced......   Life has been good.  THIS has been great year. 

Thank you all for sharing this space with me.  For giving me a forum in which to share with you and for having the patience to look at and read everything I see and think.  Here's to a wonderful 1st birthday and more to come.....


22 April 2011

Earth Day

Ok....so although today is Earth Day and we're supposed to treat the planet well and recycle and reuse and renew....I'm just saying....why just today?  Let's use today to jump start this business and take care of this beautiful place we live on.  So rather than me preach about how we should all do our part, recycle something...it's good for the planet and good for you.

Also please check out the Dine Out for Life event for Nashville Cares if you're in the Nashville area or most large cities across the US.  This is a great event where restaurants donate a percentage of what you spend to the fight against AIDS.  So Tuesday April 26, choose one of these restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner (each is different) and eat out.

Now that I have the PSA out of the way.....I've been remiss in telling you to run right out and read A Discovery or Witches, by Deborah E. Harkness.  " A Discovery of Witches is heady mix of history and magic, mythology and love, making for a luxurious, intoxicating, one-sitting read" - Daphne Durham.  I couldn't have said it better and couldn't put it down.  Reminded me of reading the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. 

So.....here is the latest wrap off the loom.  Made with a rayon warp and Noro King weft, it's soft, drapes beautifully and the size is perfect. 

I have a couple of other projects started or have at least been sketching them out in my mind, but it's way to early to speculate.  I can say that I have started the Featherweight Cardigan in Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere.....yum.  It's lace weight, so I'll be working on it for a bit, but who cares, it's luscious to work with.

I'm also, still working on the second linen stitch scarf with Mini Mochi this time.  Looks groovy.  How long have I been working on this?  How long have I dragged it out?  Anyway......

18 April 2011

Spring on the Estate

Ok....so these are a little late, but just as beautiful....the flowering trees as they started.
I've been talking with Paco about all the yard work and I think he's thinking about starting it....might have to motivate him.

17 April 2011

Far Out Farm

Ok....so yesterday was a road trip to see the Caulfields (Kim and Jane) at Far Out Farm.  It was muddy (we had boots), it was cold (we had jackets), it was wet (we had hoods) and none of it mattered because there were lambs...lots of them....everywhere.  I oldest I believe was 2 weeks new, but the first we saw where a day old.  Amazing.  These little guys pop out and get right up and around.  Sheep everywhere...the pastures full and babies, babies, babies.  Where there weren't babies, there were ewes ready to deliver. We walked and climbed, enjoyed the view, saw more babies....hung out with Fred (a very vocal little guy), looked at beautiful fleece and then visited the families some more.  We learned so much about lambs....breeding, feeding, ewes and their babies, rams, shearing and most of all, life on the farm with Cotswold, Romney and Shetland sheep.  The longer we visited the more their breed and individual personalities became evident.  As we walked up the hill we saw two more little ones who had more than likely come in the early morning.  They were new and would be collected (with their Mum's) later in the day and brought to the lawn for tagging and shots.  These people work so hard and love it....most of it.  What a formidable pair of women.  I feel like a weenie sitting at a desk all day.

The farm also houses beautiful Great Pyrenees....beautiful, gentle dogs that went everywhere we did and seemed to want to herd us.  I guess at times we did resemble a herds...a little. 

Side note:  There was one little guy who was having a little trouble the first day out so he got a sweater to keep warm.  Now this is an interesting sight....a little black lamb wearing a wool sweater.  Check out the picture below to the right....he's hanging with his Mum.

After a while, we were hungry and our hosts suggested the local eatery/corner store....Crossroads Market....for a burger.  Heard they were the best around....and that was certainly no lie.  Great burger!!!!!!!  Highly recommend it if you're traveling down Delina Road west of Fayetteville, TN.

So, day old lambs, fleece, a beautiful view, delicious burgers and most of all great company = a wonderful Saturday.

PS....I did manage to get a few more rows knit onto the mini mochi linen stitch scarf I've been dragging around for so long.

PSS.....Jan was on fire yesterday...just a few quotes....

"Last time I went to Monell's it was three Buddhist monks...and me."

"I think I pulled something"

Jan, "How do you plan who will mate with who?"
Jane, "We have several rams and also back up rams."
Jan, "You don't tell the back up rams they're back up....do you?"

You've sometimes heard me say, I'm too far south....two from yesterday.

Woman entering Crossroads commenting on the wind, "That wind'll turn you right side out."
Woman ordering at McDonald's, "swae tae and a pah."

There were shelters all over for the animals, but this one in particular caught our eye.  Hard to see, but there is a ewe inside....wonder what she's watching on DISH.

And finally, this is a 6 hour feeding for a couple of little ones whose Mum didn't make it.  They're lucky to have such a caring nanny.

11 April 2011

Spinning, Spinning, Spun

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. - Vincent Van Gogh

Ok....so imagery of the sea to help motivate life....perfect.....  A few photos from a great spinning session Saturday and a hank of handspun.

I love this first shot....seriously the money shot....two hanks of purple, which one to choose.  Followed by a couple of drop spinning shots.

Something I love about spinning is the changes the fibre goes through during the process.  This is a merino sheep (had to get the lamb in since it's spring).  this is where this hank started.  Then Jan at Daily Fibers got a hold of it and...

Beautiful....then I got it...so the spinning began... You can never tell from the dyed hank, then the spun single what it will really look like. You ooh and ahh and then it changes again...love it.   
Then, I ply and once again...never know what the result will be.  This hank is plied on itself with beads.  Not too bad for a sheep and a couple of gals.

09 April 2011


Ok.....seriously....this is ridiculous....87 degrees on April 9th.....  I'm hoping this weather is short lived....I really would like spring before we get to July and I'd like to open my windows for a little while rather than go from heat to air conditioning in one night.

So, today I visited a groovy new market in Nashville with a few pals...highly recommend Bangkok Market.  It's located off Armory Drive near 100 Oaks.  Great selection and prices, well laid out and stock store and cool staff.  If you like to cook with Asian foods, stop in and stock up.

Today was a spinning Saturday.  I know many of you have heard me talk about this, well....it was today.  We gather to spin, chat, munch......generally enjoy this craft together.  Today I started spinning a beautiful pink, gray and white merino wool/tencel blend....shimmery and soft.  Looking forward to see what it becomes.  Here are a couple handspuns from last week.....

I also learned that one of our spinners, Tara, is moving to Ireland with her family.  This is a amazing to me.  First, she's a cool chick and second....talk about really living life.  I admire this and wish her the best with the new alpacas and people in Shannon.

03 April 2011

Ah, Cashmere

Ok....sometimes, words are just not necessary.  Cashmere speaks for itself....