29 April 2011

The Local Taco......YUM

Ok....Kathy and I went out for lunch today...figured we'd enjoy the beautiful weather (top down kind of weather) and where did we end up.......The Local Taco in Brentwood.  I had the smoked salmon and spicy shrimp tacos, which were amazing.  Bright, fresh flavors and colors.  The guacamole was fresh and chunky.  AND, the Cuban corn is to die for....roasted corn on the cob, with butter, tomatoes, some kind of very light citrus glaze and a little cheese sprinkled on top......so beautiful.  Whatever you do, add this to your lunch or dinner.  I hear they have great margaritas but we decided against during lunch.  We griped about how much we wanted to have one, which is acceptable, but no juice at lunch.  Also, a biggie for me is the atmosphere....this is a very groovy place, very open air and relaxed.  And the staff that I encountered was exceptional and having fun, which is huge important to me.

So, the moral of the story is, get out to one of their locations and give it a go....

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