02 May 2011

Spinning Myself Sane

Ok.....so not really, but it sounded good on paper.  I've been doing a little spinning and a lot more knitting, which has been great.  So much wonderful fibre and not nearly enough time.  Here are a few new handspuns for a dreary day....

The first is spun from a batt made by Jazzturtle.  I blended part with a blue mohair and another part with just a simple yellow cotton.  Two very different results that I think will compliment each other.

Next comes a really interesting Salmon and brown mixed BFL from Daily Fibers Jan.  I was sort of taken with the colors but not sure that they would ply together well.  And, once again I was wrong.  The hank turned out beautiful and so very soft.  Lovely addition.
So this next hank was something I kept calling mallard duck....great fall colors that reminded me of a duck.  Now not so much....not sure what I was thinking at the time.  I decided to spin it very thin and ply with a rayon that seems to be bringing out the color.  The fibre is merino...soft, lovely merino.  I have a lot of yardage of this one, so I'm rolling around what I can knit with it....what fun.  

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dtrimbath said...

"Mallard" is simply beautiful! Makes me think about knitting...what a mess that'd be.