31 December 2010

A Fresh Start

Ok........often I take a walk around Rador Lake to relax, to exercise, to find quiet....but the most peaceful and serene times have been in the snow....when the earth lies dormant and the animals wonder through in search of food.  When the leaves are down, the lake seems that much wider and the woods seem that much deeper.  Sometimes my footprints are the first on the path, when I can find the path.....always I am greeted with the timelessness of being there.  The feeling like everything has stopped for a moment...like time does not exist.

Here's to a fresh start.  Today I am thinking of that quiet and peace, hoping for a happy and healthy new year for all.  I'm so thankful for the new friends who have wondered into my life this year...thankful for the old ones who decided to stick around and looking forward to the adventures 2011 will bring.  OMG...2011....seriously...already.

30 December 2010

Beach Snow

Ok....so as I look out at the snow that covers this little piece of the planet (or back yard....wait...aren't parts of the planet that usually don't get snow covered in snow?)....anyway....I think about all of the places I have enjoyed the beautiful scenes and moments snow creates.  This could not be more profound for me than snow on the beach.  These two things...sand and snow...at first glance do not seem meant to be together, yet when they are, it's stunning.  So today I am thinking about the beautiful snow covered beaches of Martha's Vineyard. 

PS.....I am weaving...loving the weaving right now.  Oh, and spinning.

27 December 2010

Holiday Coneys

Ok....although this really isn't a holiday tradition, it's a Flint thing...every time I come back here.  Now, just so we're clear...Flint is in horrible shape physically...it's falling apart, the roads are awful, it looks just as depressed as it is.  However, there is something there which defies explanation...an energy, a will to live, a determination to overcome....it's the people...well...most of the people and definitely the people I know.  They have spirit....they refuse to be what the city looks like.  I love these people.  No matter where I live or visit....I guess your people are always where you came from and I came from Flint.  Doesn't hurt that the Michigan Wolverines are my people....the lakes surround my people or that my people...and only my people know how to make the best coneys in the world. 

Now, the best of the best is Star Brothers Coney Island in the old Dort Mall.  No one wants to be on Dort Highway at night and there isn't much left in the mall except this little dinner that is killing it with the food.  The food is fresh, yummy and the service rocks.  The gals taking your order smile and bend backward to help you out.  The cook (also owner) is smiling and piling it on behind the counter.  You feel like family there and it's always a must on my visits.  I know those of you from Flint, know exactly what I'm talking about....and many of my Canadian people know this gift as well.

Note....there is nothing good for you in a coney, you will not lose weight, do not try to justify why you're eating it, just enjoy and finally, a coney comes with everything on it...if you order it plain, you get a hot dog.  So go with it...order it and eat it with the wild abandon of a child...worry about the calories later.

Second Note....most of you have not had a coney and may never, and I think that is sad for you....however, if you're in Michigan and driving by Flint, stop in for lunch.  The coneys in other parts of the state aren't the same...it's a one shot deal. 

Of course....the rest of my people are in Canada...Michigan/Canada....the only real difference is the GST...  And for the Canadians making the journey...there is a coney in your future....mmmmmmmm.

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Ok...to all of you....Happy Christmas and a new year filled with prosperity, good health, happiness overflowing and peace.....for the world (yes, I really do want world peace), for your family and for you.  May you find the peace of mind and heart to smile every day and take time to enjoy the moment before you.  Oh, and happy knitting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, crocheting.....happy fibre to you all.

21 December 2010


Ok.....so today is the winter solstice.....love it.  Here where everything is covered in snow, the world seems quiet....like it's waiting...soon to awaken again.  Tomorrow the days will slowly (oh, so slowly), begin to grow longer again as we work our way to a new beginning.  What a wonderful way to look at this time of year.  I decided to do a little reading about the solstice and what it meant throughout generations, in different countries, today....and two things stuck out for me.  Of course we all know there has always been much superstition and ritual involved with a solar/lunar type event, but other than Stonehenge, many of the monoliths I read about that were built in celebration (or so we think) of these events were in Scotland and Ireland....just thinking.   Also, I found that many fortune telling events occurred at this time.....not surprising.  My favorite....in Scandinavia, some families place all their shoes together, as this will cause them to live in harmony throughout the year.  This would be an issue for me....well, maybe not a issue, but certainly a dilemma.....which shoes to choose.  Should I put shoes I wear frequently so the luck stays with the shoes?  Should I put shoes I rarely wear in the event I will be able to wear them more often?  Should I put red shoes...enough said?  Wait, this isn't about the shoes, it's about harmony in the family....see, off track....should all my family and friends send me a pair of their shoes to do this....?  This is the way I see it, if all our shoes are in the same house, then all is well as far as I'm concerned because we're together.  (I will be including the red Pedro pumps)

To all of you, happy winter solstice.  Bask in the peace, quiet and beauty that is this special day and special time of year.

18 December 2010

Cheekwood Trees

Ok...if you haven't been to Cheekwood to see the trees, do....it's worth the drive to the grounds and the house is beautiful this time of year.  Ok....seriously what isn't?  Anyway....I try to go every year.  I remember going a few years ago with Mum.....what a wonderful day for the two of us.

This year I made the trip with Teta Mary and Uncle Nick.  First time they have been to the house and what a great gift...snow scenes from every window.  Beautiful day!

 Ok...I just realized that December has been a serious stroll down memory lane....I guess that's a Christmasy (I know it's not a word, just go with it) thing, but I have to come up with new material.  Also, I realized that it sounds like I'm running ads for Christmas activities...go here, see this, do that.....just memories folks....

16 December 2010


Ok.....so what is a Christmas tree without ornaments....well, for starters, it's not a Christmas tree....it's a cut plant in your living room.  I have some ornaments that I have bought as a group (read: department store), but most of my ornaments have been collected one by one or two by two throughout the years.  When I'm on vacation or just with someone special, I look for an ornament to add...usually just one a year.  The memories hanging on my tree are amazing.  Decorating is a trip down memory lane and full of smiles.  This year, Mum and I were at Gas Lamp(antique mall) in Nashville and Mum came across two ornaments that are not only a great memory for 2010, but perfect for me....shoes.  Little shoes...little Christmas pumps...  So, here are a few ornaments...enjoy!!

14 December 2010

Flowers at Christmas

Ok....so, I love poinsettias at Christmas...the color, the shape, everything.  My house is full of them....all over.  Now, come February when the red leaves fall off...not as much and away they go, but when they have color....what a wonderful addition to Christmas.  And Amaryllis....another beautiful Christmas flower.  A few years ago I planted the bulbs outside an they did bloom in the summer, however, it was a one year thing.....a one shot deal....

13 December 2010

Spinning Through the Holidays

Ok.....I find myself with very little on the needles and spinning away instead.  Here is what this holiday season has brought so far.  I'm working on the blues in silk/merino and it's giving me some grief, but I forge on.  I'm also working on a burgundy BFL (Jan roving) that I hope will bring me a little zen through the holidays.  I have finished the BFL in burgundy/green/brown and finally....yes, for the first time plied it.  I think it turned out pretty good and my fear of being able to spin clockwise to ply was unfounded.  I did it!!!
Saturday was Kathleen's birthday and I had originally intended to post this then.....so belated happy birthday.  I hope that you are at peace, enjoying the river, snow and Christmas.  I hope this year brings you a wealth of happiness.  

PS.....loving the snow in Nashville.  The cold however, not so much.

12 December 2010


Ok....so, the sounds of Christmas....that's what I've been thinking about today....Carol of the Bells, church bells, sleigh bells (ok, not in Tennessee) and laughter. One of the best sounds, really, one of the best sounds in the world is children laughing.  They laugh and giggle with abandon...completely open, completely enthralled by what they're seeing or hearing.....completely unfiltered.  It's a joyous sound.  So here's to the children laughing.....may we as adults give them even more reasons to laugh, giggle, sigh....may we live up to their expectations for a hug or a tickle....may we help them build memories that will softly and joyfully take them into adulthood.  Here's to the little ones.

10 December 2010

Vineyard Christmas

Ok....although I have not spent Christmas day on the Vineyard, I have been there during the holidays and witnessed the beauty of and island with snow and decorations everywhere.  I try to get there during the Christmas in Edgartown celebration, which is happening this weekend.  It's just the way Christmas should look.  My friend Kathleen's birthday falls around this celebration and it is an added reason to enjoy the island.  I remember making wreaths at Donaroma's Nursery a few years ago.  The greenhouse was full of people building their wreaths, laughing, joking and generally making merry.  My wreath came back to Nashville with me and proudly hung on my front door that year.  Filled with shells and holly, it was a constant reminder of the sea and a wonderful weekend with friends. 

Here are some Vineyard shots....enjoy!!

PS....for those of  you wondering....that is Daniel, Heather's little man....of course, the Santa hat made the photo a must for the blog.