03 December 2010

Frasier Fir and Pine Cones

OK......so December 3rd....picked up the tree today in preparation for the decorating tomorrow.  Seriously, in preparation for the decorating...did I just say that?  Isn't the decorating the preparing for Christmas?  I'm looking forward to this activity on my annual Christmas weekend with the girls (Ashlyn and Sarah).  This year, I think the activities will be decorating, maybe some cookie making, definitely some craft making and a movie (Harry Potter, here we come) and most likely there will be a pizza delivery involved.  Good times!!

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dtrimbath said...

...hey, where's the snow! Actually, hope you don't get any snow...like here they don't know how to drive in it! Your plans sound like a lot of fun. Not sure if I want to dig out all the boxes with the decorations in 'em or not? I did get the train set out and set that up. I hate to say it but that may be it for my decorating this year...choo choo wooo woooo!