18 December 2010

Cheekwood Trees

Ok...if you haven't been to Cheekwood to see the trees, do....it's worth the drive to the grounds and the house is beautiful this time of year.  Ok....seriously what isn't?  Anyway....I try to go every year.  I remember going a few years ago with Mum.....what a wonderful day for the two of us.

This year I made the trip with Teta Mary and Uncle Nick.  First time they have been to the house and what a great gift...snow scenes from every window.  Beautiful day!

 Ok...I just realized that December has been a serious stroll down memory lane....I guess that's a Christmasy (I know it's not a word, just go with it) thing, but I have to come up with new material.  Also, I realized that it sounds like I'm running ads for Christmas activities...go here, see this, do that.....just memories folks....

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Katherine Hall said...

These are just amazing - I have to see these in person. Wish I could have been with you guys!