05 December 2010


Ok....although this seems a little off my self-imposed Christmas photo posts, it couldn't be more appropriate.  I will make the last Hospice drop for 2010 tomorrow and there are more items than usual....46 total.  It's the largest donation we've made and I'm so thankful to the women who have decided to go this path with me and so fortunate to know such women and call them friends.  We began this journey in March and as of Monday will have contributed 107 items with over 741 hours of work involved.  What a huge gift these women have given to families and patients over this year.  Do I know some cool chicks or what?  Here's to a great year of care and kindness and looking forward to continuing this great project in 2011.  Oh my God, it's almost 2011, eeeek!!!

Now for our regularly scheduled Christmas photos.  A smattering of photos of my Christmas dates with the girls....they're really too cute.  Note:  cookie decorating and crafting are staples of this tradition.

Each year since 1997 I host a very special little Christmas weekend at my home for two very special ladies.....Ashlyn and Sarah.  In the beginning, Sarah was just born and way too little, but by 3 she was in the party too.  Now (I can't believe it), Ashlyn is 18 and a freshmen in college and Sarah is 13 and cheerleading her little brains out.  Yes I feel old, but more than that, what a great gift I have received in the form of these wonderful young women.  So, this was the weekend.  We decorated the tree, ate pizza and blizzards (we were the only ones at Dairy Queen last night, but it had to be done), we've spun, painted and napped and we still have today to go.  I believe waffles and cookie making is on the agenda along with Harry Potter.  Thanks gals for every moment you share with me.....you are both priceless gifts every day of my life.

PS.....as I write this and peer out my window (yes, peer)....snow flakes (very little ones) are falling on Nashville....yippppeeee!!!


Ash said...

we love christina!

Katherine said...

Totally cool tradition! Beautiful girls decorating a beautiful tree - can't wait to see pics of the finished tree.