29 August 2014

The End of Summer Sunflowers

Ok....so I saw a beautiful sight that reminded me summer is coming to an end.  I was fortunate enough to see Darlene's sunflowers, which are trees...yes, that's it trees.  Stalks...jack-and-the-bean stalks...8 feet tall?.....really tall.  And gorgeous!!!!!!

NOTE:  The fence is a good 3-4 feet taller than I am...so I could easily stand under the drooping heads.  Easily!

21 August 2014

Friday Night Market

Ok....so last Friday I tried out the Friday Night Market at the Nashville Farmers Market.  The yarn bus was there along with many food trucks, music and so many farm vendors. Also, the indoor restaurants were open.  Many people checking in out, much knitting going on and good food.  Check it out.  The next Friday Night Market is September 19th from 5-8.  Not sure about October but check out their website or facebook page for lots of information and details.

14 August 2014

Mink Stripes

Ok....so I just couldn't get a picture of this I liked, but thought I'd go ahead and share anyway.  Simple...do whatever I felt like in garter stitch alternating mink with a mohair/silk blend.  So soft and luscious...

08 August 2014


Ok...some time hangin' with my little man.  Just some photos of him during my time there.

Lake Ontario
Checking out the planes at the Royal Air Force Museum

On the river
Top of the Tower - St Lawrence River
Waiting for the boat.

01 August 2014

Burger Up

Ok....just a quickie of my patty melt...yum!!!  Groovy place to hang, get some good food and catch a great vibe.