27 June 2011

Back to The Heat

Ok....so here is the latest in spinning and knitting.  I have several projects on needles as all good little knitters should. 

I so enjoyed visiting many yarn and spinning shops while in MI...did I mention the nice weather....and have several more on my list during my next visit.

First, I finished spinning some yarn while enjoying the MI weather.

Second, I finished the scarf made with my own handspun beaded yarn.  I'm happy with the result.

I have a shawl on the needles to knit Haruni, which I am doing in conjunction with Reyna.  I am also knitting this with my own handspun and enjoying every minute.  How wonderful to do this.  Hopefully will finish this week...row 16 of Chart B....yipppeee.  Must be done while in complete concentration and no talking.

I have just finished spinning sock yarn....all I have to say it, we'll actually see how that goes....not counting any chickens yet.

And finally, for those of your who actually read the last post, the birdlettes were saved, the parents didn't abandon them and they have jumped ship right on schedule.  The parents look haggard.

23 June 2011


Ok....I think something is wrong with me....lately every story someone tells me, everything I see or hear has me saying, "Wow, that should be a reality show."  It's like the world is becoming one big TV.

On a different and very exciting note, I'm proud to say that much of my handspun yarn is now available at Haus of Yarn in Nashville, TN.  I'm so proud to be a part of the store and the wonderful yarn they carry. Please check out the great display Meg and Marissa have put together.  My knitted cards are also available there...check them out.

On Tuesday I dropped everything for a baby robin rescue.  The night light behind Mum's house has had a next on it for so many years...just a favorite spot, I guess.  Well, this year, the parent robin's did not do a very good job of securing the nest and it worked it's way away from the wall.  As I was working, in the mid-afternoon, I heard a huge sound that scared me...when I looked out, the nest was gone.  I ran outside to see what had happened and found the nest and two birdlettes on the ground.  I returned them to the nest and their perch on the light. 

However, within the hour, the wind had blown the nest down again.  (very bad storms that evening).  So we relocated the nest to a nearby tree, but not for long.  As the sky grew dark and the wind circled, I realized that there was not enough cover in the tree for the nest (after all, I'm not a mother robin, just an aunt of sorts).  So I put the nest on one of the downspouts.  Now you know from the earlier portion of this story that this is not a well built nest and it did not want to stay there, so I did what any good parent substitute would, I taped it to the downspout.  In my big, fat Greek family we don't use Windex to take care of everything, we use hockey tape.  Well, there just wasn't any....what is a girl to do.  So I rummaged through the drawer and the nest is secure to the downspout with strapping tape.  The parents are feeding the little dudes and it's a wonderful happy time once again in the poorly built nest.

Now on to fibre.  I have had a wonderful adventure lately and have posted plenty of pictures.  Enjoy!  The first set is from The Spinning Loft in Howell. 
Also, please note that the Weaving sheep in pink clothing has a pink tongue sticking out...don't know why, didn't get a chance to ask, but I love it!

So much fibre, so many wheels and what a great way to meet Beth, the owner.  I learned so much in such a short time. 

 I have to add that while in Howell, we noticed (hard not to) that every street lamp and bench and store front was covered with huge pink bows.  Apparently once a year (a couple of days before we went), the Pink Party happens there.  An annual event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.
It was amazing to see this entire town dressed up in pink bows and every merchant store front decorated and participating.  Beautiful and Inspiring!

Next to Knit A Round in Ann Arbor, Beyond the Rainforest and Ewe to You in Grand Blanc and of course the Flint Art Fair.  Each shop is unique and I have had such a great time meeting all the wonderful people that own and just hang out.  Due to the nice weather, I have had plenty of time to knit and spin outdoors, which I LOVE!!  I will post pictures very soon.

And finally, Mum's Mock Orange tree, which I think has bloomed just for me.  Of course, I know this is not actually the case, but I'm allowed to fool myself into thinking that at this point......why not?

09 June 2011

Random Thoughts from the Road

1.  How many times yesterday, did I find myself thinking, "I'm thankful for the air-conditioning my car provides.  I'm thankful I"m in the car and the heat is out there."

2.  KY - seriously, does all of I-65 in your state have to be under construction both directions.

3.  Does every metropolis, city, town, village, hamlet, street corner in the US have a Chinese buffet called, China One?

4.  I"m thinking about the air-conditioning again.

Stay cool everyone!

06 June 2011

Seriously...more spinning?

Ok....so this is a bit of a catch up.  I finally was able to set and photograph some of the fibre I've been working on over the last couple of weeks.  As you saw in yesterday's blog post, there was a slight set back, but as those of you in TN know, it's HOT has hell here so they dried quickly. 

Here are a few pictures of the fibre salad spinning I did at DuBose in May, while expertly instructed by Lynne Vogel.  Now, little did Lynne know that while most everything makes perfect sense in my head, rarely does it translate to my hands.  In this case, there is nothing like a little practice to eventually make it so.  I had a blast and learned so many new and groovy techniques.  And I did have a lot of fun....isn't that why we're spinning and knitting anyway? 

So, we decided (with Darlene's guidance) that this colonial looked like a bruise...now, some said it couldn't be, wasn't so....but then Sharon showed us her bruise and behold, Darlene was right.  The perfect shades.  So, why you ask did I decided to spin this? Because bruise or not, the colors were gorgeous.  As you can see from the spun result, beautiful.  I have enough of this for a nice large wrap.  The first 4 oz is spun and the second is on the wheel.  I opted to ply it on itself after several trys with other plying fibres....this was what I was looking for.

So, yes it's hot here again....but as I look outside and the withering yard (which I worked very hard on), I'm thankful for air conditioning and looking forward to spinning....inside.

05 June 2011

Washing Day

Ok....so you get up in the morning...looks like it's going to be another hot, HOT day and you figure, why not wash and set all the fibre you've been spinning.  Excellent idea for a Sunday afternoon.  So, you proceed to do just that, get it all drying in the sun and leave the house.  Well, made sense at the time.  Then....yup, rogue thunderstorm.  While driving home I was thinking how wonderful this was for my all my suffering plants, then it hit me....the fibre....eek.  Well, I've now wrung it again and am hoping this time I can get it dry.  Little adventure on a quiet weekend.

01 June 2011

The Holiday, the Fibre and Greg

Ok....so as most of you know Jan and I were set up at the Middle TN Fibre Festival.  I believe a good time was had by all....I know I did.  I got to see a lot of people I already knew and meet that many more.  So much fun amongst the fibre.
Jan assisting with color choices.
On the heels of that event, my brother came into town for a visit.  We've had a great time talking, checking out some groovy food places, roaming Home Depot and yes, a couple of movies.  Nothing like above 90 degree days to welcome a Michigander to the south.

Michelle and Vicky doing a little browsing.

First, let me say that he came into town for the holiday weekend and this was all the cooking that I did.  Poor guy didn't even get a home cooked meal.  Even on Monday it was about picking up ready made stuff from Publix.  It was great!  We had Sushi O Sushi (yum), Monell's (yum) and we even gave Jim's Coney Island a try.  Now most of you know I hail from Flint (the right armpit of the US), however, Flint has the best coneys hands down.  So when I heard the ugly rumor that Jim was serving real Michigan coneys I had to check it out.  Of course I brought the expert....Greg.  (Dad used to own a coney island restaurant when we were kids).  Jim is not serving Flint coneys which was a little disappointing, but I probably don't need Flint coneys this close to me.........however, he is serving an excellent Detroit coney.  A bit different, but his is a great version.  He has Koegel hotdogs, which sort of seal the deal....and you can get Vernors from Jim...a Michigan staple for soda drinkers.  Who knows what food will come our way today, but I'm thinking Martin's BBQ in Nolensville.  Cross your fingers they are not out of ribs.  Also, I did not take him to knitting group or any yarn shops....I just didn't feel this would be fair to the poor guy. 

We saw two films....'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Limitless'.  Pirates was exactly what you would expect and fun.  Limitless was not what I expected and even better.  Highly recommend checking out this film.  Well shot and good story.

Blackberry Hill Farm
So, now I close with this....I bought more fibre at the festival than I should have, I was out of control, and I loved every minute of it.  Dare I day I was Jan's best customer?  So much spinning to do and not nearly enough time.  Love it!!