25 November 2013

300,000...thank you.

Ok...300,000 hits to the blog....thank you all so much for reading, gazing, commenting and just generally hanging with me here.  What a great gift.  Leaving you with a picture of the lagoon off Beach Road....Martha's Vineyard.....ahhhhhhh!

21 November 2013

December Square

Ok....here is the next square in the block a month afghan.  I have decided to actually do two of these...one as shown and one with a hemp for knitting worsted red heather....we shall see.

17 November 2013

Afghan...one Block at a Time

Ok....so I have begun an afghan class that is a block a month.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time and am so excited to finally start.  I will be teaching the class and have a large group signed up at Haus of Yarn...first Thursday evening of the month.  I love the concept of just doing one block a month....doesn't seem as monumental a task...because knitting an afghan is monumental....  Side note...I'm currently working on 6 and 7 of 11.  I didn't intend to do 11 but there you have it...some actually for me.  But as the year passed, my need to afghan grew or was added to.  Since 3 of the 11 are for me....we'll see how that will go.

So, here is Block 1 for November 2013...

12 November 2013

Handspun Petoskey

Ok...Yum!!  Handspun Petoskey Stone from River's Edge Fiber Arts.

10 November 2013

A Visit to Cheekwood

Ok....well I made it.  Jan and I had a lovely walk around the Cheekwood grounds to see the Bruce Munro exhibit.  It was a beautiful weather evening to add to the beautiful fields of light.  I'm surprised I got any shots without the tripod, but here you go....  PS...the grounds were so beautiful even without the displays....the trees were coloured and glowing in the light.

06 November 2013


Ok....so Fiber in the Boro was a huge success and I'm so happy.  All of the booths were great to see and visit, the food was yummy...shearing and animals were fun (I got to feed alpacas) and I LOVED what the Shelbyville Guild did for the kids.  Seriously, who doesn't love a little finger knitting and face painting.  So....a few photos to enjoy.
Haus of Yarn to go debut

Intro to Spinning class
Chinese Waitress Cast on class

Always something to do.
Weaving with The Knaughty Knitter

Bunny fun
Signing in for a door prize

Gary shearing


Spinning/Craft circle

Paint a wild Roving class
Natural Dye class


Unloading the alpacas











01 November 2013

Fiber in the Boro

Ok....we've finally made it.  Fiber in the Boro is tomorrow at the Lane Agri-Park in Murfreesboro, TN.  Come by.  We have Classes, Food, Shearing, Children's Activities and over 50 vendors.  Promises to be a great day for fibre.  Remember to stop by the craft circle to see what everyone is working on.
 I will be sharing a booth with Jan of Daily Fibers...bringing photo cards, handspun yarn and a few finished items.

Check us out onlne....

On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fiber-in-the-Boro/228568257180858#