29 September 2016

Doorways of France

Ok...first from Montpezat.

From Auty

From Molieres

From St. Antonin

25 September 2016

Windows of France

Ok....doorways are beautiful...but windows...wow....

From Auty

From Montpezat

From Molieres

From Mirabel

22 September 2016

Molieres Dordogne

Ok...this was an unexpected visit and such a wonderful treat.  I met some kind people and saw yet another beautiful church.  This town stood out because the weather actually cooled a bit that day and homes had shutters open, which meant...cats were out everywhere.

The church L 'Eglise de Molieres was built in 1620.

21 September 2016


Ok....the french countryside is peppered with tiny villages that call to you to get out, take a stroll and breathe it all in.  So quaint, comfortable and each one more picturesque than the last....ahhhhh.....this is the first of three....

Monpezat is the home of the Collegiate Saint Martin...a gothic church built in the late 13th/early 14th centuries.  This church remains as it was originally built...nothing has been changed.  Amazing and awe inspiring.

19 September 2016

Basilica of St. Sernin

Ok....so this...this was number two of the cathedrals....amazing.  A different church and a bit older...building occurred in the early 11th century.  The magnitude of the churches and the reverence they command is astounding.  Awe...sheer awe...