28 September 2014

Alpaca Infinity

Ok...so this one is also knitted with handspun...baby alpaca and rose fibre from River's Edge Fibers.  For those in Tennessee, you can check them out at Fiber in the Boro, November 1st.  If you're in Michigan, they're there too or you can pick up their fibre online.  This is a soft and lovely brioche rib...simple and fun to knit.

You can find the pattern here.  Enjoy!

24 September 2014

Menemsha Sunset

Ok....so my first sunset here was caught on accident....I still have to get through my time zone adjustment and the little things....birds singing at 5:15am, dusk at 7:pmish...high tide and low tide...the little things.  But this turned into a lovely drive with some beautiful and quiet moments.

22 September 2014

The Newes and Yacht Club

Ok....so a walk into town resulted in yummy fish and chips at The Newes of America and many sailboats at the yacht club....wonder what was up.  Beautiful sight.

17 September 2014

Polworth Infinity

Ok...so are any of you watching Outlander on STARZ?  I've read the books and am such a huge fan and now am enjoying the series.  Well....all the knitted garments, for all characters, have me inspired.  I loved the cowl that Clarie wore at one point and decided I needed one.  I didn't knit it the way hers was however, I knitted mine lengthwise...long enough for two wraps.  I used some polworth/silk handspun from Three Waters Farm which is lofty, soft and so cozy.  I am going to love this come winter.  And....it's not too heavy or overwhelming.  Might be a do over.  However....the size 17 metal needles were ridiculous to hold onto...yikes.

Again, thank you to Haus for the loan of the Manny.

12 September 2014


Ok...we have discovered a Cuban restaurant that is definitely a do over.  On Nolensville Road, just north of the Nashville Zoo and railroad bridge.  Check it out.  The food was delicious, the vibe was made up of great music, kind and friendly people and the mojito was freshly made and oh so yummy.  I had a craving for the Cubano after seeing the movie Chef (check it out...wonderful food film) and this satisfied the craving above and beyond.  The other dishes we tried were Empanadas, and a sampler of rice, beans, powdered beef, chorizo, plantains and fried pork skin (not your bag variety) and a follow up of the oh so creamy coconut flan.  Give these guys a go...you will not be sorry.

08 September 2014

05 September 2014

Starshower Cowl

Ok....so I have loved this pattern since I saw it and am so glad I downloaded it will I could for free.  Might just make another since it's so pretty.  Used sock yarn which did very well.

Thank you Haus for the use of the Manny

03 September 2014

Rose White Alpaca

Ok...so beautiful baby alpaca with rose fibre From River's Edge Fiber Arts...soft and lovely to spin.  Do I dye it or knit it white?