17 September 2014

Polworth Infinity

Ok...so are any of you watching Outlander on STARZ?  I've read the books and am such a huge fan and now am enjoying the series.  Well....all the knitted garments, for all characters, have me inspired.  I loved the cowl that Clarie wore at one point and decided I needed one.  I didn't knit it the way hers was however, I knitted mine lengthwise...long enough for two wraps.  I used some polworth/silk handspun from Three Waters Farm which is lofty, soft and so cozy.  I am going to love this come winter.  And....it's not too heavy or overwhelming.  Might be a do over.  However....the size 17 metal needles were ridiculous to hold onto...yikes.

Again, thank you to Haus for the loan of the Manny.


Sophia Christina said...

I have been inspired by Outlander, also. I love the big chunky knits Claire wears. Do you have a pattern for this one? It looks like straight knit with a very large needle. Thank you!

Christina said...

This was a very straight forward vertical knit. I doubled some handspun yarn to get something really chunky and light weight....used size 17 needles....cast on about 120 stitches and just knit and bound off. I'm very happy with the result. Unlike Clarie's it is knit vertically instead of horizontally....I like the lines better this way.