20 November 2012

100,000 and Counting

Ok......we did it.....thanks to all of you out there, the blog reached a huge milestone today.....over 100,000 hits.  Yippppeeeeee!!!!!  Thank you all for tuning in to follow my knitting, spinning, weaving and numerous other random craftiness....   For listening to my goofy stories and oddball thoughts....  For humoring me when I want to fill the pages with pics of my little man....   For going on all my adventures through my photos....  For enjoying my knitting patterns....    And most of all....for being out there for me to share with.  Thank you....on to 200,000?????

13 November 2012

Dye Job

Ok....so I'm very excited to show you my newest creation (thanks to guidance from Jan)....  I wish I had taken before pics so you could see the metamorphosis....just amazing. 
This was a plain white silk scarf, that I filled with vegetation from my yard.  At the time that I did this exercise, I had decided that my yard didn't have anything interesting....now, I have a entirely new appreciation for the plant life in my yard. 
And let me just be honest....I expected that when I unwrapped my bundle I would still have a white scarf contrary to what Jan told me and I saw.  I'm just that way sometimes.  But......I was wrong.  I have this beautifully printed and colored scarf.  I'm so pleased and excited. 

08 November 2012

My View

Ok....at my house the trees out front change color and fall by the end of October or earlier...however, the trees in the back are later.  I have a two layer approach in my yard and I love it.  Currently the crepe myrtles are orange, the oaks are deep red and everything else is a shade between green and gone.  Each time I walk past the windows I'm stopped by how beautiful my yard is in fall....  Let's not talk about the dead things the frost and freeze have left behind....thank goodness they are few in this yard.

PS...check out the corner....the roses are still in bloom....ha!

05 November 2012

Dye Day at Three Creeks

Ok....I'm not sure how it happened, but it did.  We got gorgeous weather on Saturday.  It was cold before, it's been cold since, but Saturday was sunny and warm and just a lovely day to be on the farm.

Thanks to Steve and Beth for once again hosting a fun, color filled adventure at Three Creeks Farm.





03 November 2012

New Weaving

Ok....so I'm back to weaving a bit.  I've been wanting to try some new fibres on the loom...so far, so good.

Mohair boucle came out lovely.

The mottled wool turned out even better than I expected.

01 November 2012

You're Too Old to Trick or Treat if...

Ok....so a friend clued me in to some Facebook posts that were hilarious last night and got me thinking about this.  When are you too old to trick or treat?  Example:
If you've ever taken a pole dancing class, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.
If you've ever discussed pinot grigio, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.

If you know why Kim Klardashian is famous, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.
If you've ever practiced writing "Mrs. John Stamos" on anything, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.
If you've ever laid awake at night wondering where you should plant your azaleas, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.
If you know all the words to "Copa Cabana", YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.
If you've ever waxed any part of your body, YOU ARE TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT.

So you get the idea....hit me with what you think is too old for trick or treating.
PS....My little man is NOT too old to trick or treat.