18 June 2012

June Spinning

Ok....I've done a bit of spinning this month.  I'm posting a couple for you to see, however....for the first time in a long time, I spun a few hanks that I really didn't like. 
That is unusual, but I didn't even photograph them....that's how much I didn't like them.

So, to what I did like.  While at DuBose, I began spinning some Icelandic Wool I had purchased at the Middle TN Fiber Festival last year.  I have plans to make a wrap from this yarn.  It was a pleasure to spin and I think it will be a great garment for me...keep me warm if winter ever returns.

I have also spun a combo pack....some milk fibre from Moonlight & Laughter, blended with some mixed BFL from Daily Fibers.  I'm pleased with the outcome. 

05 June 2012

*Spin, Relax, Laugh, repeat from *

Ok...so this past weekend was the annual Dubose Hands on Color retreat with Lynne Vogel...complimented by Jan "Daily Fibers" Quarles and Marilla "Moonlight and Laughter" O'Brien. 
I think it's safe to say, fun was had by all.....it was by the chick for sure.  It's really like camp for grown up wannabees.  I loved it again this year. 

I met some wonderful and interesting new people....joined up with old friends, learned more about spinning from everyone, saw beautiful color, touched lovely fibres, hand my meals handed to me....I chose the no TV/Internet/phone route (except for Ravelry) and as a bonus...the weather was amazing. 
These are just a few of the photos from the weekend. I must add that the grounds are so serene at the conference center. And due to the lovely weather, I was able to get some peaceful outdoor time.