18 June 2012

June Spinning

Ok....I've done a bit of spinning this month.  I'm posting a couple for you to see, however....for the first time in a long time, I spun a few hanks that I really didn't like. 
That is unusual, but I didn't even photograph them....that's how much I didn't like them.

So, to what I did like.  While at DuBose, I began spinning some Icelandic Wool I had purchased at the Middle TN Fiber Festival last year.  I have plans to make a wrap from this yarn.  It was a pleasure to spin and I think it will be a great garment for me...keep me warm if winter ever returns.

I have also spun a combo pack....some milk fibre from Moonlight & Laughter, blended with some mixed BFL from Daily Fibers.  I'm pleased with the outcome. 

1 comment:

Liana said...

I love the Icelandic and so much of it! I like that milk and BFL blend too. I haven't decided what to do with mine yet. Love your spinning.