06 July 2012

A Canadian Yarn Bombing

Ok....so it's been a while since I've written, which is unusual, but here goes.  I was in Canada....I know...shocker...but over the Canada Day holiday I was visiting my family in the northern regions.  It was a wonderful visit! 
On the 30th of June, Uncle Nick and I got out for a little visit into town, which resulted in the material for this post.  Imagine my delight to get into Colborne and see that it had been bombed, yarn bombed that is. 
Each tree lining the downtown street, bombed.  Each tree in Victoria Station park, bombed.  It was amazing.  And the townies were so proud.  It was frightening to Kathy...not sure why, but creepy to here none-the-less.


LeAnn said...

Love it! But we've missed you.

Karen said...

So cool!

Katherine Hall said...

Oh, it's some kind of creepy...don't know why it disturbs me so! But, hey, I'm a weirdo!