13 July 2012

The Chip Truck

Ok....so if you're Canadian, or a frequent traveller to Canada or maybe just someone I've talked with, you will know the phenomenon known as 'The Chip Truck'.  These trucks, VW buses, trailers...wonders of the Canadian road....offer chips (fries), burgers, dogs, pea meal sandwiches and poutine...all with gravy or vinegar...all about Canada.  Coming upon a chip truck or intentionally returning to a favorite corner is something I look forward to each time I cross our northern border. 
Fairly close to the family is just such a truck, which provided me with the pea meal (real Canadian bacon) and poutine to satisfy my craving.....all thanks to Larry.  It was Canada Day when I visited, so there were plenty of Canadian flags, US flags and the occasional French flag...I was in Ontario after all. 

If you ever get up into Canada, look for the signs, ask around....the chip truck is the taco stand of the north.  Great flavors, great people and a fun treat for this northern girl gone south.


Katherine Hall said...

All hail the humble chip truck!

LeAnn said...

Wish the chip truck would drive down my road.