25 January 2014

February Square

Ok....I even did this square in red.  I missed the January class and it feels like withdrawls....so bummed.

22 January 2014

Random Fun

Ok....so a couple of items that I have always wanted to knit so I crossed the new year with...  Jo Sharp's Irish Mesh Cowl in a beautiful and very soft eco-dyed yarn from Lynne Vogel.

Quickly followed up with a pair of fingerless mitts in baby alpaca, I've been eyeing around Haus of Yarn.  Two very fun projects that I'm happy with and after all the afghans, nice to see some results in a relatively short period of time.  With all the snow here, these have been great winter knitting.

17 January 2014


Ok....just a few shots from the storms.  They are late in coming....







13 January 2014

Summer Flies to Winter

Ok....this is actually the first version....just coming for the holidays...
Garden View Shawlette for Mum with Eco Dyed yarn from Lynne Vogel.

08 January 2014

Knitting and Spinning in Miles

Ok...so early this year I decided to track how many miles I was knitting and spinning.  While at the time it seemed like a great idea, now I feel like I should have gone with how much I frogged.  So I have knit 12.2 and spun 11.4 miles for 2013......in hindsight a mile a month just doesn't seem like that much.  Or does it just not sound like that much while it really is a lot?  I have so many projects I was thinking it felt like 120 miles.  So next year....bring on the kilometres.