30 November 2010


Ok....I know this is really sad, but I LOVE the pseudo animated 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' movie.  Did I mention that I love it?  Tonight is the night.  I can't wait to see Herbie and Clarisse and Yukon Cornelius and visit the island of misfit toys.  Someone, please go a get that gun that squirts jelly, the Charlie in the Box and that cute little Dollie.  Someone find them a home.  Oh, wait....Rudolph will prompt Santa to do that.....see...it's all good.

On a more adult note....the donations for both hospice sales (Martha's Vineyard and South African) have been mailed or dropped off and I hope everything sells and raises lots of money.  Cross your fingers for many crafty holiday shoppers.

28 November 2010

Weaving Silk

Ok....so a little weekend project for my Mum.  I love making something for someone when they are able to choose the fibre and colors they want....that much better.  Scarf is made with Malabrigo Silky Merino with 421 Blackberry for the warp and 850 Archangel for the weft.  First time working with silk and I'm pretty happy with the result.

PS....for those of you who live in Nashville and have not been to Monell's in Germantown for brunch....go...it's all southern, nothing is good for you and it's yummmy.........

27 November 2010

Hallmark Moments

Ok.....so it's that time of year again...and yet again, I've fallen hook, line and sinker for the holiday emotion jerking movies and commercials.  Seriously, what's wrong with me.  I start sniffling when the father realizes he's wasted years without his son, I tear up when the mother realizes that her children really respect and love her, I sob when love is found under the mistletoe.  And all of this is in the guise of Christmas and Santa.  That poor family who didn't know how to communicate was stranded and had to learn to live and talk with each other.  Husbands buy their wives heart shaped diamond pendants and the women love them.  How thoughtful?  I can't help it.  I'm a sucker.  I'm a sap.  I love it.  I'm in it for the count.  This is the best part.....I don't even have to look for these movies.  Once you watch one, TiVo deduces that you love that junk and it just keeps recording them.  It's like having your own personal sap pusher.  I can't stop....I'm out of control.  Whatever the Hallmark channel cannot provide, the Lifetime network will.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to replenish the Kleenex and sift through the channel guide.

25 November 2010

Hospice and Thanksgiving

Ok....so for the last few nights I have slept with the windows open.  Of course, by Thanksgiving this weather will be gone and my Mum will not believe me when I tell her that it's been spring here for a bit.  I always tell people how Thanksgiving and even December can be unusually nice, but I guess I needed to be reminded that it's true.  What a beautiful month this has been.  And to add, we actually got a little color from the trees.  When I returned from New England, there were still many green trees and the rest had gone to brown.  I thought fall was going to be ugly, but.....not at all, just late.  The Bradford Pears and Maples have really given us a late November showing.  Is it just me, or has this entire year been warmer than average? 

Did anyone notice the huge harvest moon Monday night? Amazing!!

Ok...back to knitting. I have been on a month long jag of knitting, weaving and card making for hospice. This crazy period has resulted in the following photos.  I have also added to the collection a few of the scarves I have finished this year. I love doing this type of knitting and hospice is so vital to our communities. I hope to put away items for next year so that I will not be doing everything in compressed time next year. What a great way to spend this time of Thanksgiving.

PS....Mum didn't last 5 minutes before dozing off on the sofa....early flights stink.

18 November 2010


OK...what a perfect way to start this post.  Ever wonder how an “X” came to represent a kiss? Starting in the Middle Ages, people who could not read used an X as a signature. They would kiss this mark as a sign of sincerity. Eventually, the X came to represent the kiss itself.

In the beginning it was just a hand, rising out of the basket of yarn....it called to me...it matched my beautiful wool gloves....it demanded to come home with me...it took its show on the road to Baltimore, New York, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Vermont....and now it's been completed at home....

Well, it's here, the linen stitch scarf with crazy zball yarn is finished and I love it.  It looks woven ( ironic since I'm now weaving), the stripes are long and thin....perfect, it's soft and honestly doesn't even look handmade.  This stitch would be perfect for a men's scarf...simple and elegant...not girly. 

08 November 2010

Ah, Weaving

Ok....I know you are all thinking...how can it happen?  How can another obsession develop so quickly on the heels of my spinning obsession?  But, it has.  Actually the weaving bug has been smoldering beneath the surface for a very long time.  Last weekend, it was unleashed.  I took a class with Meredith at The Knaughty Knitter and the rest is history.  I'm currently working on the cricket loom Sue gave me, but already looking around for bigger and more.  I have completed the burgundy object (scarf, but wants to be a table runner) and am about half way through the gold scarf.  Time flies when you're having fun.  Both are made with Cascade 220 for the warp and Schaefer Elaine for the weft.  Great choice to learn with.  Imagine how much fun it will be to weave with yarn I have spun. 

Great story on the Elaine.  Their colorways are named after memorable woman.  This hank is named Elena Piscopia.  Elena Piscopia (1646-1684) was born into a Roman family whose ancestors included cardinals and popes.  she was recognized as a prodigy by the age of seven and spoke seven languages, played several instruments and composed music by the time she was seventeen.  Her father refused to allow her to enter the Benedictine Order, for which she had secretly prepared, and instead she because the first woman to study theology at the University of Padua and the first woman to earn a doctoral degree.  She taught mathematics at the university for the rest of her life, yet it would be over 300 years before another woman earned a doctorate there. Her achievement is honored by a marble statue in Padua and a stained glass window at Vassar College in New York.

Greek Tale:
In Greek mythology (Roman as well), Arachne was as skillful a weaver as the finest artist of the day and much praise was given to her...which as we can guess went to her head and eventually Arachne became so conceited that she began claiming that her skill was greater than that of Athena (Minerva), the goddess of wisdom and war as well as the weaving arts (mistake #1). Athena was angered, but gave Arachne a chance to redeem herself.  Assuming the form of an old woman, she warned Arachne not to offend the gods. Arachne scoffed (mistake #2) and wished for a weaving contest (mistake #3), so she could prove her skill. Athena dropped her disguise and the contest began. Athena wove the scene of her victory over Poseidon that had inspired the people of Athens to name their city for her.

Arachne's tapestry featured twenty-one episodes of the infidelity of the gods, disguised as animals(mistake #4...can you see where this is going).  Even Athena admitted that Arachne's work was immaculate. Her envy at such human competition drove her into uncontrolled fury and violence (big surprize here...a Greek god angered).  Losing her temper, she destroyed Arachne's tapestry and loom, Arachne on the head as well, slashing her face. Arachne, refusing to bow to Athena (mistake #5), hanged herself (like that was going to help).  Athena took pity or spite (most likely) on Arachne. Sprinkling her with the juices of aconite, Athena loosened the rope, which became a spider web, causing Arachne to lose her hair, her ears and nose, metamorphosing into a spider.

The moral of the story...do NOT piss off the gods.

Navajo Tale:
A Navajo legend credits a deity named Spider Woman with teaching them weaving. The first loom was said to be of sky and earth cords with tools of sunlight, lightning, white shell, and crystal. In reality, Pueblo Indians taught the Navajos how to weave.

Interesting.....although so far apart...the same character for the stories.  Meredith also shared with me that the Navajo weave a mistake into their pieces so as not to piss of the gods.  Makes sense to me...I'm always up for keeping away the bad juju.

06 November 2010


Ok....I know I have posted pictures that are fall-like, however I have a few stashed that I thought you might enjoy from my October travels.  I love fall....have I mentioned that before?  I love how the air feels crisp even though it might not be that cold.  I love how everything starts to smell like apples.  How the planet prepares to rest by changing colors, slowing down, breathing......doesn't it just seem like everything takes a big breath, a big sigh from the work it's been doing all spring and summer?  School is back in session, dusk is more vibrant, sunrise sneaks up on you, coffee sounds and smells better than ever and soup....oh yes, soup is back.  Any and every kind of wonderful soup.  And sweaters.....I can start wearing all my sweaters again.  This is a very confusing time in my home because I discover my sweaters and scarves all over again and I want to wear them all.  But this confusion is pure joy.

I can't wait to read, but it's different from summer reading.....it's curling up with a throw and cocoa instead of seeking the sun and water.  And I know you won't believe it, but I love the snow.  I love how beautiful it is, how softly it moves, how the world looks so peaceful dressed in white and how inside, a fire and that same throw are so inviting.  And while I knit year round, there is nothing like knitting alpaca or wool in the winter.

So, that all being said....I hate that we got a freeze last night and some of my plants will look like crap.  Just yesterday there were roses everywhere back there....but they're pretty hearty little dudes.  I really, really don't like cleaning off my car (hence the garage).  And the biggest winter deal breaker....the time change.  Dark at 4:30?  Are you kidding me?  How can that be a good thing?  Why do I need to full daylight at 5:30 or 6am....when after work would be much more preferable?  So we made a little change (one week in the fall, big deal).....let's finish it.  Let's change the time in March and leave it alone. 

On that note, I'll leave you with fall in New England.  Enjoy the last of the evening daylight.

05 November 2010

Driving the TN Countryside and/or Old Barns

Ok....so on Halloween I took a drive out west of Nashville to Dickson and surrounding area.  It was a beautiful day and Liana had invited me out to see the country.  Now, while I don't consider myself a big city girl, I have to say....I am a city girl.  I like sushi and movies and to make sure all my happy places are easily accessible.  However, there is nothing like driving away from it all to enjoy the quiet, peace, cows, streams and dark.  Oh yes, dark...big dark.  Let me insert a note here that I saw more wild animals (deer) on this drive than in Vermont.  Actually, come to think of it, I see more in my yard in Nashville than I did in Vermont. 

So, Liana was kind enough to take me for a drive.  I choose to believe that she instinctively knew this was one of my favorite things to do.  I love to take a drive, I love to ride and look and of course....I love to take pictures.  I've put a few here for your enjoyment.  It was 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful.  Not a car on the road or rather, on the path and we even had a treat at the end.  I must say, one of my favorite parts were all the streams and rivers.  We all gravitate toward water, don't we?  Historically, we gravitate to water.  I love that about being human.

And finally, barns.....why am I so attracted to dilopatated barns?  There were so many.  It must be the history.  Imagining the work and life that was lived in and out of these buildings.  How so much of life out in the coutry revolved/revolves around these simple and beautiful buildings.  And becuase they're old, the stories they must harbor.  Ah, the stories.....

Thank you to Liana for the drive, the laughs and the peace. 

04 November 2010

A Scarf or Two

Ok....let the charity knitting begin.  I love knitting for charity.  It keeps my hands and mind busy, I get to do different things and most of all....it helps, it really helps.  So, I have decided to knit for a few charity events this holiday season for hospice in the states.  These are two of the scarfs I'm sending, just completed. 

Bonus for charity knitting....I contemplate all the things I will work on afterward....the lace and cable and.....alpaca.....mmmmmmm.