28 March 2012

A Little Briar Lace

Ok....so I have had this pattern in my pile of "I would like to knit this" for 15 years and finally a yarn came along that was perfect.  You know what they say....will use no yarn before it's time (stash) and no pattern before it's yarn.    I know it's what I say to myself to sleep at night in a house full of unfinished projects and yarn.  I picked up this lovely yarn from Briar Rose and the Michigan Fiber Festival last August.  I love it! 
I began the shawl in November and quickly put it aside for other projects....I know, it was sad...but this month, I finished it and I love it.  It's exactly what I had hoped it would be.

22 March 2012

Spinning Batts - Day 2 and 3

Ok...here it is.  Finished the hand batts.  Fun.  Plied with some burgundy boucle which has made it even more lofty and interesting.

I also spun some beautiful mauve vintage looking merino from Daily Fibers.  This looked gorgeous on the bobbins, but once I started adding the beads....just stunning.

14 March 2012

Spinning Batts - Day 1

Ok...so I assembled some batts by hand and have begun the spinning.  This is day one and my cigar batts. 
I have spun batts before but not many of my own assembly....it's fun and you never know what it will result in, which makes it that much more fun.

10 March 2012

Ric Rac and Handspun

Ok.....so I know you're all wondering if I have all of the sudden stopped knitting or spinning or doing anything craft/fibre related....ha...fat chance.  Here are a couple of new hanks of handspun and something so fun our of Berroco's Ric Rac. 
Now, I don't go for most novelty yarns, but this was just a little bit of fun I had to try out to believe.  Lots of great color and fun! 
The strip of ric rac starts out flat and you end up with a ruffled scarf, resembling the potato chip scarf.  Was just fun to watch it grow so quickly.

The first handspun is a BFL wool blue blended with a rayon multi-colored strand.  I think the result is pretty and bright without being over the top.

The second handspun is an grey alpaca and silk blended fibre which I plied with a white rayon.  I like the look and I know it will knit up beautifully.

08 March 2012

Three Little Monkeys

Ok...not really three...but one little monkey is three years old today.  Happy Birthday to my beautiful and goofy Godson.  Kuma loves you!!

07 March 2012

Shopping Issues

Ok...so a quick run to Sam's has me thinking about two things...
1.  Have you noticed how many acid reflux products are now on the shelves?  Seems like it's growing faster that the cold and flu section.
2.  What woman's deodorant needs to be "clinical strength"?  And what does that really mean?  On second thought....I don't want to know.

06 March 2012

The Street Where I Live

Ok....first, many of you started singing the song from My Fair Lady, didn't you? 

For those of you living in Nashville, this is not just my street but every street here...so you know what I mean when I say...how beautiful it is to live on my street right now.  The shopping areas are beautiful, the gas stations are beautiful, everything is beautiful because...you got it....the bradford pears are blooming...granted, about three weeks or so early....but there you have it.  Lovely spring in Nashville.

"...the extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary."  Mark Nepo

01 March 2012

Special Day

Ok....today is a very special day...it's my Mum's birthday.  Now I know I gush about her all the time on this blog, but she truly is an amazing woman and those of you who know her, no doubt will agree.  Today, I wish for her many smile, happiness and peace.  Happy Birthday, Mum!