29 April 2013

Ontario thaw

Ok....the ice is gone...let spring begin.  The colors of the lake were beautiful and I love how many of the roads just end at the lake.
Did a couple of drive-bys of the farm down the road...the lambs and kids were out playing and the shetland ponys each had a colt.
It's been a bit since I've visited this area (east of Toronto along the lake).  Usually I'm here during the summer or fall when all is green, ripe or being harvested.  This year, I got to see all the gorgeous apple trees bare.  Beautiful sight. 

Some beautiful days and sunsets......and yet, perfect for a bon-fire and some marshmellow roasting.

22 April 2013

Yard Work - The Result

Ok.....after....here you go Kathy....thanks to Mum, who loved every moment and worked very hard.

20 April 2013

Yard Work

Ok....before....purchased, in the trunk...with all the work ahead.

15 April 2013


Ok....I can't help it.  This is funny...sort of spinning related.....right?  Thank you, Ashlyn.

12 April 2013

The Pears Around Town

Ok....if you live here you know...the Bradford Pears have been blooming for about a month.  I love how beautiful the entire city is when in bloom.  Seriously....the entire city.  It's like everyone got the memo about planting these lovely spring bloomers.  They are everywhere. 

09 April 2013

Weaving Class

Ok...I like to take pictures...a lot of pictures, but sometimes, I have no idea what's up...because I just forget.  I like having pictures of the students in the classes I've taught, but usually forget.  I guess I'm just too caught up in the moment. 

I recently taught a toe up sock class at Ewe & Company in Kingston Springs, TN and....forgot.  Great class...no pictures. 

However, this time...this one time, I remembered.  I taught a beginners weaving class at Haus of Yarn Sunday and here are just a few shots.  I think they did a great job.  Fun class.

03 April 2013

More Jan

Ok, another for the books.  Love it!!

02 April 2013

Spinning Jan

Ok....so I've been spinning Jan again...Daily Fibers that is.  What a joy to return to this gorgeous handpainted fiber.  This is Olive Garden...spun bulky.  Ah.......