29 March 2013


Ok....now this is what I call Spring...  Happy Easter and a lovely weekend to all.


25 March 2013

Wood Mist

Ok....while at the Destin Spin In, one of the gals (Marsha, there it's out)....was spinning Dicentra's 'Wood Mist'.  I fell in love with it...isn't that usually what happens..."I love what she's spinning, where can I get it"....  Anyway, Lisa was out.  When she returned home she let me know that she did have 8 oz left and it became mine.  I have decided to spin it bulky...I'm in the mood to knit with bigger needles...so here it is.  Lovely.  I can tell you that it was also gorgeous in a Dk weight. 


20 March 2013

Spinning Polworth

Ok....so I've spun a new fibre and I'm in love.  This is a Polworth Silk blend from Three Waters Farm that is soft and luscious to spin and I'm sure will be the same to wear.  I've spun this for a mystery knit along with Jimmy Beans Wool....should be fun.


15 March 2013

Lovely Silk

Ok....silk Eco dyeing....mmmmm......  Just as side note, many of these were dyed with materials from birthday bouquets....an abundance of wonderful colors and material in the middle of winter.  Thank you for the lovely gifts that gave...just a little more.




09 March 2013


Ok....so Jan (of Daily Fibers...beautiful hand painted fibers)...has dyed up some gradients, which are so pretty.  I have spun the gray and knitted into a simple repeat lace pattern.  I think it came out lovely. You can get the pattern from this blog (click here or the pattern page link in the upper left corner of the page) or Ravelry enjoy!!