28 September 2010

Socks and Scarves

Ok....so I've developed this obsession with knitting scarves out of sock yarn.  I don't know where this came from and I certainly don't have enough necks for all these (thank goodness my friends and family do), but I've started two more such projects.  I really like the drape the sock yarn give the lace. 

The first project will be with Crazy Zauberball yarn  in red, teal, grey....and it's a simple linen stitch.  So far so good and it will be my traveling pattern. 

The second is with Sock Zauberball in brown, black, ecru....and the pattern is Abrazo by Susanna IC from Twist Collective (love them!!)  So far, all is well with these two projects....isn't this too much fun.

I have also made a delivery to Alive with projects made through the Threads of Kindness fibre group.  Great to see Deb again and good to get some of our work to the patients for whom they were made.  Next delivery is in December for those who are helping me out. 

And last but not least.....stop signs.....it's your turn when you get to the stop sign.  Just because you got to the corner before me, doesn't mean you got to the stop sign first...so please wait and don't try to out run me...I'm not in the mood.

25 September 2010

Remembering Baba

Ok....so Baba (my Grandmother) has really been on my mind more than usual lately...perhaps because I'm spinning.  She is always in my thoughts for various reasons throughout the day, but especially when I knit.  I can hear her voice so clearly and I miss her so much.  I have been meaning to take pictures of her work and finally got around to the first set.  These handkerchiefs have been hand crocheted with a 00 needle and size 70 cotton thread.  The ones with beads or sequins have been made for a bride (tradition)....the all white one with beads was made for my wedding.  She was a truly talented woman....taught by her mother and never learning to read a pattern.  Everything was instinctual and came so naturally.  I cherish my moments knitting with her, laughing and drinking coffee while we picked apart a pattern...enjoying the flowers, talking about men and work and life....my heart and soul miss you, Baba.

23 September 2010

Purple Zball

Ok...it's finished.  I have to say, this yarn is amazing and so is this pattern.  Compare to the first version I made in August with the Koigue.  So different, yet both turned out great.  Pattern is a keeper.  As usual, the pictures don't do it justice.  The colors are amazing and it is soft....soft and more soft.

22 September 2010

A Couple More for the Finish Line

Ok....the Navy Wool Wrap is finished and blocked...turned out better than I had imagined and light as a feather.  Finished size is 22" X 77".  Loved working with this wool and oddly enough the repeated lace pattern didn't make me nuts.  I debated putting a larger lace edging on, but decided that the small picot edge was perfect.  This wool has so many beautiful specs of color that these photos do not capture, but I'm working on getting that shot. 

Next...I have finally finished my felted yoga bag.  It has been knitted and felted since May, but I had not attached the strap or tie.  Those of you who know my foray into felting was an endless stream of profanity and frustration....however, I made it to the other side with a few projects and would do it again.  The first project still isn't finished and never will be because it disgusts me to look at it.  I'm thinking about burning it in my igloo.  This bag however turned out great.  The pattern is my own and knit in the round...it  was fun and finally...finished.

I know I have mentioned that I'm involved in a notebook round robin through Ravelry.  I received and filled out the first notebook this week.  It was from Angela in Oregon. I meant to take pics, but it is in its travel clothing (envelope) and I am not in the mood to gently peel off tape.  I'll remember next time.  I hope once this book makes it back to Angela that she enjoys all the groovy stuff inside.

Now a word about spinning.  I picked up a little book on spinning called "Spindle Spinning: From Novice to Expert" by Connie Delaney.  While the spinning part was nothing new, she does give great instructions on how to make my own wooden spindle.  The history she included is what really hit home with me.  I have discovered so many of the truths just by doing the task which  means they are indeed truths.  This is my favorite passage, " Maybe it's the pace of the spindle that adds to the delight.  Our society teaches us to be production and goal oriented.  That's fine so long as it keeps in its place, but we've let it run amuck.  Our minds are frazzled to the point of dysfunction.  Sometimes it's nice to shed the trappings of the modern mind and join our ancestors in a simple moment.  Spinning on the spindle, just for spinning: not to sell the yarn, or to weave, or even to give it away, but just for the delight of being in the moment with the spinning, and the yarn......spinning with this awareness clears the mind, relaxes the heart, lovers the blood pressure, brings a smile to the face and maybe a story to the lips.  The process itself become the thing."

For those of you who know me, staying in the moment and the journey is what I strive for and enjoy....so, this is a natural extension of that quest for peace.  I can almost hear my great-grandmother and grandmother chatting as I spin, spinning with me and smiling because I am indeed a child of theirs.

15 September 2010

Catch up....

Ok...now back to our regularly scheduled discussion....spinning.  I have completed 4 oz. of BFL in red/orange (snuck the completed spindle in this roving shot) and have moved on to merino in shades of green.  When I shopped with Jan, this colorway was the first to grab my eye.  Now, I know...this is nothing I can wear and perhaps that is why I'm so drawn to it...it's forbidden, but oh so beautiful.  I'm using my smaller spindle and actually the yarn isn't as artsy (read lumpy) as the first batch I did.  So, I'm wondering....is this a result of practice or is it the merino.  I have to say, I love the merino.  Time will tell as the remainder of the roving I have is mixed BFL.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the yarn I'm spinning, to twist or not to twist is the first decision....  I have actually been thinking about weaving my new red art yarn...just a thought.

I am working diligently on the navy wool wrap and it's coming along well.  Pictures to follow.  Hope to have it completely before I leave.

I have also started my Peace Fleece project with Sue.  We're currently working the yoke of the Sidar Cabled Yoke Cardi.  More updates as we proceed.

I have also started another Traveling Woman Shawlette with the gorgeous purple Zauberball for Kathy.  No pics of this yet.  It's knitting up pretty quickly so mostly likely won't shoot until it's complete.  But the shot of the yarn should let you know it's beautiful and soft.

I have also decided on an experiment....I have a Zauberball that goes with my red gloves...check out a couple of posts back.  I will be making a scarf for myself of linen stitch.  Love the swatch.  450 stitches cast on should be interesting, but I think it will make a good travel project.

Any of you who know me well, know that I usually only knit one thing at a time....I'm a one project kind of gal...get it done, move on.  But something has happened recently....the voices have gotten to me....I have given in and gone berserk.  So far I'm not stressed by it and enjoying it.....once again, time will tell.

13 September 2010

Let the Pollinating Commence

Ok....so a brief break from knitting for the bees.  I read recently that many areas around the world are pollinating themselves because the bumble bee population is dying off.  Now I can't really say if that is true or not, but this was happening in my yard today.  There were dozens of bumble bees on my Sedums...what fun.

Side Note: The spinning is amazing and so much fun...pics to follow soon.

10 September 2010

Oh no, the Spinning has Begun

Ok....it happened....I gave in and have begun spinning.  I knew I would love this, so I have purposely not started it because I knew it would consume my time and I was right.  Wednesday evening I took a drop spindle class from Molly and I'm hooked, I'm in, I'm head over heals, I'm hopeless, I'm over the moon, and Bob's your uncle.

So I bought some Jan roving and I'm spinning.  Love it.  Doesn't look great yet, but I'm practicing a lot and enjoying every moment.

And...I have a beautiful new bag from Sue...a small project bag which I love...thank you Sue....now on to knitting with the Peace Fleece.  Of course in this picture it's loaded with  different weights of Zauberball, which for some odd reason has really caught my eye this fall.  On the left is a sneak peak at my fall scarf and on the right is a sneak peak at Kathy's.  Can't wait to see how they come out.

Next is Liana modeling my red wool gloves with their soon to be zauberball scarf.  I have been trying to match a yarn to these gloves for a long time.  I even made a red reversible scarf from bamboo yarn to match and it didn't...not really.  So, I love these gloves and they look beautiful folded...so elegant, but last night I realized that they look like a muppet neck...my beautiful red, Audrey Hepburn, classic gloves actually look like the beginning of a muppet.  The ring is to help bring it back home, bring them back to the elegance they were meant to exude.  Oh, who am I kidding....they look like one of Kermit's relatives.  Thank goodness I have two to keep each other company. 

So I will soon figure out which pattern to try with this yarn and get to the knitting of it.  Since it's taken me two years to find the yarn I like...I really wouldn't count on seeing the scarf any time soon....I'm worse with patterns.

Many thanks to Liana and her mother's ring for the modeling and class she brought to the production that has become my Hepburn gloves.

08 September 2010

A Day of Glass

Ok.....so I finally got to Cheekwood to see the outdoor Chihuly exhibit.  If you're in Nashville, run to see it....if not, these photos are for you.  But, trust me, they do not compare to seeing the sunlight through the glass and the reflections in the water.  I first saw Chihuly's work at the Flint Institute of Art....the beautiful sea sculptures and of course, FIA has a magnificent (and enormous) Chihuly chandelier (if you're in Flint....this is something you should see).  All of the work is very colorful and although it seems to be inspired by nature, it is also in direct juxtaposition with the nature and sculpture around it.  You'll see....enjoy!!

Oh....you can also go on a Thursday or Friday evening as see everything lit up....that will be my mission next week.....  By the way, Chihuly is being displayed at Cheekwood through the end of October.  Once that is gone, do go see the Museum and grounds anyway....as you can see, they're beautiful.