28 September 2010

Socks and Scarves

Ok....so I've developed this obsession with knitting scarves out of sock yarn.  I don't know where this came from and I certainly don't have enough necks for all these (thank goodness my friends and family do), but I've started two more such projects.  I really like the drape the sock yarn give the lace. 

The first project will be with Crazy Zauberball yarn  in red, teal, grey....and it's a simple linen stitch.  So far so good and it will be my traveling pattern. 

The second is with Sock Zauberball in brown, black, ecru....and the pattern is Abrazo by Susanna IC from Twist Collective (love them!!)  So far, all is well with these two projects....isn't this too much fun.

I have also made a delivery to Alive with projects made through the Threads of Kindness fibre group.  Great to see Deb again and good to get some of our work to the patients for whom they were made.  Next delivery is in December for those who are helping me out. 

And last but not least.....stop signs.....it's your turn when you get to the stop sign.  Just because you got to the corner before me, doesn't mean you got to the stop sign first...so please wait and don't try to out run me...I'm not in the mood.

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Ash said...

you develop obsessions with ANYTHING that has to do with knitting =] <3