31 December 2013

For the Monkey

 Ok...Mitchell's Christmas gift and afghan # 6 on the list...slowly getting there.  And a hat for good measure.  This is the Baby Chalice blanket pattern from Ravelry.

28 December 2013

A Christmas Walk

Ok....so Christmas has come and gone for another year.  It was a lovely day and I have much to be thankful for.  This year, there has been a terrible ice storm in MI which left so many without power through Christmas evening and into even today.  As I took a walk around the neighborhood, I was so grateful to see so many more houses with light on.  Monday evening when I walked, the streets were so dark and cold as were so many homes.  The smell of wood burning was strong, but the darkened windows so sad for so many.  Thank you to the men and women locally and from afar who have come to help this county through a terrible darkness and cold.

Tonight I look forward to a peaceful and quiet in the cold and snow.

26 December 2013

'Tis the Season

Ok...it's that wonderful time of year again.  It came quickly on the calendar, but hit me fast at the end.  I'm so thankful to be with my family and friends.  I wish you all a happy holiday season and as for 2014....bring it on.

21 December 2013

January Square

Ok....third square for the month of January.

16 December 2013

Candle Flame Shawl

Ok....this one is a gift for Teta Mary and a diversion from the endless afghan knitting....really what was I thinking.  This was a fun knit and turned out great. 


12 December 2013

New England - The Water

Ok....had to be a separate post because it's a character all it's own....






09 December 2013

New England - Martha's Vineyard

Ok....although I'm not well traveled, this is one of my favourite places on earth...I love the vibe!  Was a lovely week.









05 December 2013

New England - Mainland

Ok....so fall has passed it's peak, but still the drive through a few New England states was lovely.  Stopped to visit a wool farm in Connecticut, a huge restaurant supply store....I was in kitchen heaven, lunch at the Mystic Seaport (yes, Mystic Pizza Mystic)....shopping, water time and wonderful meals in Falmouth, MA....the air was crisp (and the wind was stabbing), but the smell of the sea air around me made it all worth bundling up for...





02 December 2013

New England - Food

Ok....I'm starting this New England run with some food and drink pictures...  Sometimes, it's so beautiful...I just have to take a picture.  I was lucky to have some great food with some amazing people...  Unfortunately, I didn't take any shots of my favourite restaurnt on the island...L'etoile...great atmosphere, wonderful food and a couple of yummy drinks (home of the startini) for good measure.
Lumani - Rosyln, NY
Patzaria - roasted beets and skordalia
Lumani - calamari - enough said!

Lumani - gilled lamb chops

Latitude Mystic Seaport, CT
The Glass Onion - Falumouth, MA
Duck Liver Pate

The Glass Onion
Grilled Atlantic Swordfish

The Glass Onion

Eleven North - Edgartown, MA
Chocoate Martini

Henry's in the Harbour View - Edgartown, MA
Bailey's on the Rocks