30 December 2011

Holidays and Family

Ok....so this holiday season I spent a few days in Canada with my family.....and....a little bit of snow.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older, but with each year that passes, these trips and times together are more and more precious to me.  I visited with my loving and caring Teta Mary, my amazing Uncle Nick, my Mum and cousins and yes, of course my little man.  We had adventures, lights and laughter, peaceful morning coffees, socks and snow, paper runs and food....holy crap....the food. 
Kathy is a wonderful cook....and she out did herself for this yummy holiday....she did tell me how many pounds of butter were used, but I'm not revealing....eek.  And, egg salad....Teta Mary's egg salad.  Now, I have no idea what's different about this egg salad from any other, but it's the best in the world....ever.  And she made some for me.  Come to think of it, every time I go for a visit, she makes egg salad for me......aren't I a lucky girl.

When I'm away, I miss my family every day.....but I also know how fortunate I am to have a goofy, wonderful, caring group of people to call my own. 

To all of you...may the new year bring you close to those you already love and into circles of new people to share your life with.  Happy New Year!

28 December 2011


Ok....no brainer here....or so you would think....I'm nuts about knitting.  I have been knitting since I was a small child...I knit every day...I can't imagine a day in which there is no knitting...I can't watch TV without knitting and yesterday, when in the dark movie theatre with my brother (watching Sherlock Holmes) I caught myself thinking....I wish I had my knitting.  Sad and joyous.  I love intricate patterns, all types of fibres and color and just the practice of weeding my way through a pattern.  The thrill of discovering a new yarn, then hunting for the perfect pattern to accompany.  The excitement of designing and swatching and planning for the wonderful finished object and then the journey...the wonderful hours of watching your creativity grow. 

I am currently working on the following:
  • three pair of thick gift socks
  • one pair of thick socks for me
  • one pair of thin socks for me
  • one pair of thin gift socks
  • an alpaca sweater coat
  • a cashmere cardigan
  • another alpaca sweater coat
  • the Vermont shawl
  • and a partridge in a pair tree

So here's to knitting....my constant creative outlet....

26 December 2011


Ok....so I have been thinking about this a lot.  I know I say that often lately, but I've been in thinking mode....go figure.  Anyway...today it's time.  I have been given the gift of more time that I thought and I very often take time for granted.  I'll do it tomorrow, I wish this week would end, I can't wait until next week.....seriously....what about now? 
I believe in living in the moment....and usually I'm pretty good at it, but sometimes it gets away from me and I fall into that pattern of rushing or wishing away my time.  We only have so much.....so why am I doing this?  Who knows?  Like everyone else, sometimes I just get moving too fast and forget....forget about the importance of this moment even though it may not have a great event tied to it. 
Mostly, I enjoy the moments...all of them for what they are...time for me in this life to try something new, enjoy something old, or just daydream.  What about those great days when you plan one thing and something else happens....something unexpected and wonderful...because you chose to go with it...  So, just go with....just let the time happen and enjoy the moments.

Today, I am enjoying the quiet moments with my little man and family.....ah......

24 December 2011

Happy Holidays

Ok....for me it's Christmas, for you it could be any number of other celebrations, but the wish is the same....happiness, health and prosperity in the new year.  Enjoy this time with your family.  They are a gift.

20 December 2011


Ok.....so this morning, I was thinking about how grateful I am for my senses.  That I can see, smell, taste, hear and feel the world around me.  I'm so fortunate to have all of this working (reasonably well most days). 
To be able to read everything, book, sub-titled movie, Christmas card....watch the water hit the trees from a window, shadow, light, color, a smiling face....a gift.  To hear...music, the rush of the ocean, a laugh, the mew of the crazy cat next door, a child's giggle....a gift.  To smell....ok, now most of you know I'm highly sensitive to smells, but when they're good....coffee brewing (Starbucks...mmmm), fresh bread baking, the salty ocean air, a rose in full bloom....a gift. 
To touch....wool through my fingers, cool marble, a hug, holding a child's hand....a gift.  And my favorite.....to taste....ice cream, sushi, tea, popcorn....a gift.  It's something we so often take for granted.  Take the time to pay attention, take in the world around you through all of your senses.  I am so grateful.

I just realized as I was choosing photos for this post that I chose three water shots and wanted to choose more....hmmm.......imagine that....

16 December 2011


Ok....a scheduled break from the gratitude to gripe.  Seriously....no snow predicted in Canada for Christmas...what's up with that?  I have issue with this.  I'm thinking of suing Canada....they should be ashamed.

13 December 2011


Ok....I love surprises....all kinds...the little ones, the whoppers and especially the surprises of life. I do a lot of planning, I spend time on it, make it work out, juggle the pieces and often I like things to go according to my hard conceived plan.....however...they don't or they do....point being...you can only plan so much.  Sometimes I need reminding.  And when I finally relax and go with the flow....well, even if great things don't happen, I'm happy.  

Enjoy the surprises in life...the little moments that make you smile and bring you into the present moment.  That moment is a gift.

11 December 2011

Sunday Mornings

Ok.....so as I anticipate sitting with my tea (sometimes coffee), I am thankful for Sunday mornings....enjoying some quiet time with my book, a walk at Radnor Lake, a drive with the music turned up....anything that says I have stopped for a moment to enjoy THE moment and a little peace. 
As I ponder the week that has passed, I also thank goodness for the week that is beginning....new start, new adventures......ah, Sunday.....precious and wonderful.

And while I'm sort of on the subject....books....my biggest fear is that I'll never get to read all the books I want to read.  All of it. Stop for a second and think of the things you know because you have been reading.  Give someone a book for Xmas. It's time, adventure, and an education all in one nice package. And also, if possible, buy it locally. There are still bookstores! I love them and always will.  Go lose yourself in one of them.  Yet another great adventure for a Sunday.

10 December 2011


Ok....so as I sit here working, listening to Pandora.....I'm thinking I'm really grateful for music...all of it....ok maybe not country for me. Any form, blaring from car speakers at 75mph, in the house, in a store, or all alone, late at night through headphones.
When I listen I'm transported to past memories of people and places, allowed to create in my head, sing out loud (to the dismay of my co-workers sometimes) and to relax and breathe it in.

Art. Artisans. Artists. Things that people make.  I am in awe of what people can do with their hands, their eyes, their time.  What a gift to be able to share in someone else's creativity.  To have a bit in your home, wear a bit on your body, see it in a museum or gallery, hear it through speakers or in a park concert.....it's all around us.  What joy!!! 
I'm grateful I can appreciate art....all of it!

07 December 2011


Ok....so today I have been thinking about Faith.  Could mean religion, could mean trust in someone, or in a process.   I'm grateful for my continued faith in humanity and the people around me, for the people that have faith in me, for the plunge I take every day....stepping out there, letting go to see where I'm taken; where I'll end up and for the faith to trust that in the end I'm where I'm supposed to be (whether I like it or not), doing what I'm supposed to do and finding a peace in the journey.  Call it karma, kismet, luck, fate....whatever your term...it's about letting go. 

Now that I have spouted all of that....let me be clear that sometimes I seriously go kicking and screaming down this path....no faith, no peace, no trust....spewing bad karma all over the place.  Just sayin'...sometimes that happens too.

05 December 2011

Friends and Family

Ok....so I know I'm lucky in this department...I just know it.  I have crazy family and plenty of dysfunction, but the core of my family is amazing and I'm thankful for them every day.  I'm thankful we're all a little off.  I'm thankful that we can call each other whenever we want to and not a moment is missed.  I'm thankful we all have each other.  At least one of them makes me smile every day and I look forward to seeing each of them whenever we can.
PS....regarding the photos....we're a goofy bunch....especially when Greg and Pascoe are involved.  I also have so many people around me who are not technically related to me, but feel like they are.  So many people who are in my life.....not just passing through, but really in it.  What a gift. 

I spent this weekend with two of those people....Ashlyn and Sarah....my virtual nieces.  Movie, popcorn, tie-dye, cookie making, pizza eating, Nintendo, soda, cookie eating...you know...groovy weekend. 

The few photos give you an idea of what Christmas weekend is like here.....a very long tradition and one I look forward to even though one is driving and the other is close.  I thought of posting pictures of them younger, which I adore and you would too, but these are young women and I want them still talking to me tomorrow. 

I'm looking forward to the holidays with all my friends and family.  What a lucky gal I am.

03 December 2011


OK...so today (and today only....ha, but seriously)... I'm grateful for my brother.  He's awesome.  He's someone I can call ten times a day and won't mind.  He'll help me pick out something in Home Depot or tell me how to fix something from three states away.  He makes me laugh....again and again and again.  And he's the person who I've shared my entire life with. 
Because we're so close in age, we grew up together; same school, same friends, same memories.  Well, I am older, so sometimes I was the boss of him, but it didn't last long.  He's creative and talented and an amazing cook.  He's my friend and I love him.

PS....Pascoe is with Greg.  Cousin, another younger brother...same thing.  They share one brain....it's great.

Poor Mum doesn't stand a chance.

01 December 2011


Ok....so I'm going to take a cue from a friend and use the month of December to express what I'm grateful for.  There is a lot....I'm a lucky gal.  Let's start with my Mum. 

Tina is an amazing woman.  I hope someday I grow up to be loving, giving, strong, funny, beautiful and patient just like she is.  She is my best friend, my girl friend, the person who knows way too much about me (thank goodness) and a great mother.  She doesn't mind when I say, let's just sit and knit or how about a movie....or even let's trek to Lowe's for wood.  She's an amazing gardener and cook, but most of all....she takes care of me when I'm down and feeds my soul. I'm truly lucky and grateful for this woman.