28 December 2011


Ok....no brainer here....or so you would think....I'm nuts about knitting.  I have been knitting since I was a small child...I knit every day...I can't imagine a day in which there is no knitting...I can't watch TV without knitting and yesterday, when in the dark movie theatre with my brother (watching Sherlock Holmes) I caught myself thinking....I wish I had my knitting.  Sad and joyous.  I love intricate patterns, all types of fibres and color and just the practice of weeding my way through a pattern.  The thrill of discovering a new yarn, then hunting for the perfect pattern to accompany.  The excitement of designing and swatching and planning for the wonderful finished object and then the journey...the wonderful hours of watching your creativity grow. 

I am currently working on the following:
  • three pair of thick gift socks
  • one pair of thick socks for me
  • one pair of thin socks for me
  • one pair of thin gift socks
  • an alpaca sweater coat
  • a cashmere cardigan
  • another alpaca sweater coat
  • the Vermont shawl
  • and a partridge in a pair tree

So here's to knitting....my constant creative outlet....


Abby said...

I can't wait to see the partridge ensemble! :)

Katherine Hall said...

We love your creations...and we are blessed with them daily...the heritage afghan, Mitchell's baby creations, the cool and groovy socks, the fun winter hat for little Monkey...we love them!