26 December 2011


Ok....so I have been thinking about this a lot.  I know I say that often lately, but I've been in thinking mode....go figure.  Anyway...today it's time.  I have been given the gift of more time that I thought and I very often take time for granted.  I'll do it tomorrow, I wish this week would end, I can't wait until next week.....seriously....what about now? 
I believe in living in the moment....and usually I'm pretty good at it, but sometimes it gets away from me and I fall into that pattern of rushing or wishing away my time.  We only have so much.....so why am I doing this?  Who knows?  Like everyone else, sometimes I just get moving too fast and forget....forget about the importance of this moment even though it may not have a great event tied to it. 
Mostly, I enjoy the moments...all of them for what they are...time for me in this life to try something new, enjoy something old, or just daydream.  What about those great days when you plan one thing and something else happens....something unexpected and wonderful...because you chose to go with it...  So, just go with....just let the time happen and enjoy the moments.

Today, I am enjoying the quiet moments with my little man and family.....ah......

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Katherine Hall said...

I am so glad you had some quiet and wonderful moments when you were with us...especially with Mitchell. You are so right to remind us of the lost moments we take for granted...take advantage and remember more of them will be my goal for 2012. xoxoxoxox