01 December 2011


Ok....so I'm going to take a cue from a friend and use the month of December to express what I'm grateful for.  There is a lot....I'm a lucky gal.  Let's start with my Mum. 

Tina is an amazing woman.  I hope someday I grow up to be loving, giving, strong, funny, beautiful and patient just like she is.  She is my best friend, my girl friend, the person who knows way too much about me (thank goodness) and a great mother.  She doesn't mind when I say, let's just sit and knit or how about a movie....or even let's trek to Lowe's for wood.  She's an amazing gardener and cook, but most of all....she takes care of me when I'm down and feeds my soul. I'm truly lucky and grateful for this woman.

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Nanette R. said...

Your mother is a beautiful woman and she has raised a loving, thoughtful daughter. Very nice tribute.