07 December 2011


Ok....so today I have been thinking about Faith.  Could mean religion, could mean trust in someone, or in a process.   I'm grateful for my continued faith in humanity and the people around me, for the people that have faith in me, for the plunge I take every day....stepping out there, letting go to see where I'm taken; where I'll end up and for the faith to trust that in the end I'm where I'm supposed to be (whether I like it or not), doing what I'm supposed to do and finding a peace in the journey.  Call it karma, kismet, luck, fate....whatever your term...it's about letting go. 

Now that I have spouted all of that....let me be clear that sometimes I seriously go kicking and screaming down this path....no faith, no peace, no trust....spewing bad karma all over the place.  Just sayin'...sometimes that happens too.

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