05 December 2011

Friends and Family

Ok....so I know I'm lucky in this department...I just know it.  I have crazy family and plenty of dysfunction, but the core of my family is amazing and I'm thankful for them every day.  I'm thankful we're all a little off.  I'm thankful that we can call each other whenever we want to and not a moment is missed.  I'm thankful we all have each other.  At least one of them makes me smile every day and I look forward to seeing each of them whenever we can.
PS....regarding the photos....we're a goofy bunch....especially when Greg and Pascoe are involved.  I also have so many people around me who are not technically related to me, but feel like they are.  So many people who are in my life.....not just passing through, but really in it.  What a gift. 

I spent this weekend with two of those people....Ashlyn and Sarah....my virtual nieces.  Movie, popcorn, tie-dye, cookie making, pizza eating, Nintendo, soda, cookie eating...you know...groovy weekend. 

The few photos give you an idea of what Christmas weekend is like here.....a very long tradition and one I look forward to even though one is driving and the other is close.  I thought of posting pictures of them younger, which I adore and you would too, but these are young women and I want them still talking to me tomorrow. 

I'm looking forward to the holidays with all my friends and family.  What a lucky gal I am.

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