03 December 2011


OK...so today (and today only....ha, but seriously)... I'm grateful for my brother.  He's awesome.  He's someone I can call ten times a day and won't mind.  He'll help me pick out something in Home Depot or tell me how to fix something from three states away.  He makes me laugh....again and again and again.  And he's the person who I've shared my entire life with. 
Because we're so close in age, we grew up together; same school, same friends, same memories.  Well, I am older, so sometimes I was the boss of him, but it didn't last long.  He's creative and talented and an amazing cook.  He's my friend and I love him.

PS....Pascoe is with Greg.  Cousin, another younger brother...same thing.  They share one brain....it's great.

Poor Mum doesn't stand a chance.

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